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Biz Journals–how we can attract women.

The Trucker– Women stakeholders list issues


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Well, I appreciate the fact that you took the time to read those valuable articles.  Why are women in the industry as drivers seem to be making the news!!  Obviously, we do not have enough operators.   However, let us cross a divide really quick.

Consider, Office and Administration– Women are prevalent dispatch, accounts receivable and payables, even brokers, broker agents, trucking agents, and independent dispatchers.  Quite frankly, who would want to look at us guys, as dispatch—granted a few of us may clean up well, but even cleaning up–you better carry some weight or pull—somewhere.

Dispatch, at the smaller companies, typically go with female dispatchers.  Larger Seem to lean more to the Male counterpart.  I am not quite sure why  but I am sure there are statistics to it……..somewhere……..Yo–Swift-Knight—-Tell us some surprising statistics—-we know you got them…………

My dad’s favorite dispatcher was his best friends wife.  Kind of Partial—but I know she always took care of Dad–He ran—-but when the butter runs came–because he kept her from having to make those dreaded customer calls more than once, and always did what he said he would, she favored him when the good loads came up–or needed a little extra pay—cause it was just a bit low……Neither taking advantage—-both mindful of each others delivery needs for the customers.  She retired from the same company I believe 25yrs.–and from my understanding–she never took one single load from her Agent, her and her husband has done some export deals, plus now own a parts warehouse—Proof that Integrity in Business still exists……

However, I can tell you–This is predominantly a female side of the business.  As I was trying to transition—everyone wanted me in a truck but not one would give me a chance in the office.  I fought tooth and Nail just to get to do what I have done.

Woman Driver’s—based on statistics—Once trained properly—tend to be better Operators than their men counterparts of similar experience range.  They drive slower, they are more patient, and are regular Asphalt Gypsies, like the rest of us……..They are thicker skinned and tougher mentally than normal women since they deal with us male operators.—Ladies, My apologies, however–The older and more gruff—-we tend to not hold our tongue, and say what is there.  However, the respectable women—that is a majority that I have met—and spoken with on the CB–Would be welcome with my office anytime—They understand what Honor, Loyalty, and  Respect better than us men—Male Operators as a whole.  They see the whole picture–and tend to understand the depths of knowledge that is not given nor is it found to the driver’s network……..from the Administration–

How should we get and retain more women drivers—–Retention being key–we can push women into the industry–however, those that want to be here and stay—-retention–is the key.

Organizations like “Women in Trucking”  do an excellent job.   Supporting Women in the Industry as a whole.  They can help build a network of women mentors and trainers, so that the current upcoming women operators have people who can mentor, help guide them, and help them train- or be trained by women trainers.

Every time I considered writing this in the past few months–I kept thinking about my girls and what I would want in place IF they ever chose to follow in our footsteps.

  1.  Fundamental Training-  By experienced 10yr minimum Trainer-  School that has both male and female trainers, on road and off road.
  2. Road Training- By experienced 5yr minimal female trainer.  They do not need to be in any possible or even a potential situation, where I may have to meet some stupid mother fucker in the middle of the desert, mid-summer, to handle a motherfucker.  OTR, Regional, or even Local should consider this; at the very least have a male trainer that respects those he is training; and is there to ensure the ones being taught are learning–Have the upmost desire to train the women properly and has no inclination to advance themselves on the females.  Rare but having trained a few women–I can say we are a rarity.
  3. On the Job Mentors-  Mentors guide and help the retention and training for the new comers to enter and become successful operators.  Minimum 5yrs experience
  4. Mentors within the industry-  Prefer drivers who have made it up the ladder, to executive positions…..however, Executives as mentors–should be a program to give an outside perspective on their future and the potential within the industry.  Combining this program as an online monthly or bimonthly online group meeting–and email access weekly—if needed by incoming operators and trainees.
  5. Women Operators in Trucking Organization—–This would be a great organization to have besides the One stated above.


I have yet had the pleasure to have a female operator, to desire to dispatch with my organization—however, I would gladly welcome any 5 plus year operator that had the “NOT Giving UP ATTITUDE,” and “true Desire to learn” to advance her career, and better the industry, by being that “Mustang” as they are called in the military.



Women tend to be better mechanics than men, as well.  I have met one woman Mechanic that impressed me, and would tell me stories, about how the majority of men are in the mechanic industry……..Shame on Yall…….

Driver’s make better dispatchers

Mentor’s come when you least expect it, hindsight is always 20/20.


Women Trucking Blogs List:




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