The one’s that know me, know, that if someone would say that shit to me, it wouldn’t be fun anymore for them.  Not a fucking chance.  Nothing against either, but each one and his own.

However, for those drivers looking to stay in the industry, serve the public, and desire to put your knowledge of our practices, procedures, and rules to use in assisting the officials with the enforcement of their rules; then you should consider Safety and DOT positions…….

Drivers would be the hardest set of DOT Officers, and Safety guys anywhere.  They know the rules, know how to break them, done it at least once by cheating those hours to get to Salt Lake, or not doing your PreTrip and or Post Trip Inspection for the day…….forget to start logging 6 hours ago and what was that small town ……. Wait I can solve this, just give me another log book, from out of the glove box, and I will have plenty of time.

Carriers with CDL drivers in their Safety Department, performing audits, and driver training, violation counseling, in house; is one of the toughest I have ever had to get my logs through.  Had several that had drivers as Safety Directors and Safety Consultants ….they knew their shit, and could just about tell you what you are doing by how you logged the trip.  They been there and have done that.  Former Operators should be used in this capacity to ensure the best safety, and overall best inspections through the DOT spot checks or even inspections.

Whether you desire to work with enforcement, or help carriers with their safety record improvements, Drivers, after gaining 5 yrs behind the wheel, should consider these options to help with the industry growth, strength, public safety, and driver improvement with way above par safety levels.

When I get to be 70’ish, I may consider the Safety Consultant route, hell pay me enough now and Ill come and consult……  The reality for myself, is that I know who I am, and quite honestly, will admit with assurance, I would rather, call an owner with a load from a customer, requesting a solo operator to transport a “hot load” from California to Hunts Point (used as an example, I have never done this particular run, Hunts Point is just an example, I have never taken a hot load to Hunts Point) in 3 days, with the customer offering an extra $3500 for the speediness of the owner to meet the deadline, cause they want to be the first to market in the region.   Just more my style, I guess.  It does happen, you better believe it; more times within a month/year, than I want to even admit.  Expedited Service is a premium service charge…..just saying.

Why operators as Dot officers?

A)  Operators know their truck, and equipment.  They understand and can perform an inspection flawlessly.  After 5 yrs of driving, Operators had better know their equipment and Trucks better than anyone.  They know what that truck feels like, acts, and sounds like.  They know if something is wrong.

B)  Operators can find log book errors, because they have been operating the damn rules and regulations.  They know how drivers operate, around, over, in, and through the regulations.  They have been operating instead of learning just the theory.

C)  Know all the paperwork needed.  They know a driver must have, and what should be on all the pieces of paperwork, and can identify everything with greater clarity better, than those that are just taught the mandates, drivers have to catch a shippers mistake, before they get on the road, where the Hen’s, could catch them. (–pun intended–what goes in the chicken coop, all the Chickens)

D)  We know how to cheat the weight, and how we can beat the scales, every time, depending on the different factors found at the Chicken Coops, across the country.

Yep, that is about it……I can not really think of another one, matter of fact, four seems to be where I just want to leave it…….For that matter, probably should not have said those four, cause I just do not give two shits, whether they close the damn things down.  They tend to be a nuisance….and many times a pain in my ass.

–Convoy them, just bypass that motherfucking chicken coop like a lightning bolt to a tree; quick, fast, and beyond control…, no, no; mad mother truckers, it was a joke, I didn’t mean it, Convoying the chicken coop is bad, you should all be ashamed;  we ain’t promoting such uncontrolled behavior, that would be bad, and disruptive to the system, if we just told the authorities to fuck off………they actually do serve a purpose…….I suppose!







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