For a long time, over the past 20 plus years, I have witnessed the greatest unprecedented deterioration of the one system, in the US, that provides all essential needs and function to the civilization.  All from political and civilization as a whole.   The one essential industry has become a lost people, without any true representation.  The businesses are taking the back road and saying you can work on lower margins, and the backbone businesses are falling in line saying volume volume……volume, volume, volume.

I have spent a large portion of my business, doing every job I could find in the trucking and logistics business.  I have owned trucks, had drivers, repaired, loaded, and ran the road with some of the best drivers in the industry, dispatched, safety, sold freight, should I keep going?.  My handle is “No Name.”  I got it coming through Arizona, driving teams when I started.  My co-driver was from Houston Tx.  If you know, then you know.

Why MADMOTHERTRUCKER……. Well, to be honest, people say I’m a bit crazy, too many long trips across country.  Too long behind the wheel, doing what I needed to do to get my guys and myself home.  I didn’t care, if you wanted it done, then there is always a way.   However, you will be paying my price or it will not be touched.  I give two fucks anyone’s opinion.  I am not some cheap limp dick.  My drivers were always taken care of !! I knew who helped me earn my money!!!

I really just got tired of it all.  Smashed a face in, and said  ” fuck it.”  Don’t like my language, guess what, I didn’t ask your fucking opinion.  No one gave two fucks about any of us.  Just do what you are told and stand in line.

The reality is when an awakening happens.  A sudden realization of the reality of what the industries have corroded, corrupted, abused, and stripped– they control everything, but own nothing…….

This is my stand, My teaching, and the craft which is moving and shaking the country, piece by fucking piece, mile by mile, and without the realization that you forgot the wrong fucking ones.  A necessity that when lost, destroys this country.   Tell someone you drive a truck… it one time for just the mere sight of what some outsider would say in reality.

This website is for every single one in the logistics business.  From Steamship lines, to the office administration, finance, mechanics, manufacturers, and to the backbone MadmotherTruckers.  I am gonna touch on every aspect……and hurt some mother fucking feelings, so you want to know the reality, buckle up cause this is going to be a fun trip……  Prepare yourself because School is in session.




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