I have to apologize to you, my readers!  First and foremost, I am working on a few books, that are being written and rewritten.  I have a few here in the process to be published and sold here for you.  I also have a book that is based on a true story, that I am working on as well.  Just say, it’s going to be a lot but it is my way of telling the truth about the “DIRTY SOUTH” as one of my favorite singers says.. but hey its home..  look for this one in approx 12-18 months…..still have a lot of writing to do to be setting a solid date for sure.

Plan on seeing the books for this website’s readership, in about 6 months.  I know…. but the reality is that I have now rewritten these books for the 4th time, out of necessity…..and I will soon have them in editing, which does take a bit of time.

I am to a point where I  am comfortable enough, and have rough draft done,where my readers will start seeing more of my articles here, hopefully pretty regular, back on schedule like I was doing prior to starting this writing.  Hope to see you all soon, so check back regularly, We have content coming back in the process now……


To all my readers and support,

Thank you and we hope you enjoy our new design work from our TRUSTED AND VALUED TEAM

To the road less taken,

Daddy Loves you Girls,


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