Yeah Scott, I use it more and more the longer I am around!!–  It is as true today as it was those years ago–Sit in that desk of yours, and Smile, cause more are coming……

“Can I get a quote?”  patiently asking on a lane we commonly hit inbound for our customers and drivers.  Some tapping and a few seconds to process, the dispatcher calmly  states “When is the estimated pickup—”  “We do not have one we are just taking quotes…….”   The dispatcher as calmly as possible states to the person calling, ”  Quotes are for people who either do not have a load, or are calling to see what their possibility of locking in a truck on a double brokered load……no judgement—some people even call us and ask to try and learn the lane……We all learn somehow——– but if you need a quote—pull it up on your databases…….its faster and more accurate, than the spot market pricing……….Remember I always told you this—Trucks move freight, not Quotes!”  Hangs up the phone to take the next line.

That was probably the best line I heard dispatching.  Yep, former driver said it………Nope it wasnt me.


Quotes can be priced whatever, just to get the load coming, however, remember if that load is not within that day–it is no good; and you cannot expect it from the carrier, 10-15-20-30-60 days out.  It is not feasible.  Markets change daily, sometimes hourly.

Rates will either be 3 way- 1.  Within 2.  High  3. Low

Everyone that uses a loadboard—can get the information—it is typical with a loadboard subscription worth a damn.

So Remember the next time you call around for a quote:


Trucks move freight, not quotes!

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