What is a Trucking company?  Well just from basic knowledge we understand that it is a business, that services the transportation of goods or people.  However, let’s really understand what a Trucking Company actually is or can be…….

49CFR 390.5

The term “for-hire motor carrier” as defined in part 390 means a person/company engaged in the transportation of goods or passengers for payment or compensation.

Per Merriam-Webster Dictionary-

Motor Carrier- Highway passenger and freight carrier regulated by the federal government.

Trucking- The process or business of transporting goods on trucks


However, to truly understand the actuality of the question of defining what a Trucking Company actually is….my smart ass…… is going to have to add some vocabulary for you……

Intra-State Authority- The Authority or authorization to transport goods or people within the bounds of the state granting the authority.

Inter-State Authority-  The authority to transport goods or people by crossing state lines to another state.

Motor Carrier-

Public- An authorized transportation company that moves goods or people for the compensation of the service provided to the public.

Private-  An authorized transportation company that moves goods typically for their own business

Common Carrier-  Authorized Public Motor Carrier that must operate for the public or common of the industry customer base needs.

Contract Carrier-  Authorized Public Motor Carrier that contract with a shipper to move their freight based on a predetermined contract rate, term, condition, ect, based on the contract with the shipper.  FMCSA states that they typically run for one shipper at a time……However, In my opinion…..no matter the thought of my opinion from you…….. Every one is a contract carrier, because no matter the load, shipper, customer, there is not one trucking company that does not contract for each load they pull, whether it was 6 months ago with the first load with a broker or shipper, or if it was 25 yrs with one shipper as a customer.  Every Carrier has a contract with their customer.

Operating Authority-  The authority to operate in either Interstate, Intrastate,as a Common or Contract Carrier that is granted, denied, revoked, reinstated, or expired…..Operating Authority is the authority that the government bodies have granted to a person, or business, to Operate as a goods transporter…..


What is a Trucking Company?

A trucking company is a company or group of people that typically uses trucks, whether large, small, or in-between, with or without trailers, that moves goods from one point to another, with or without authority, Inter or Intra-State.  This can be a owner operator that owns the equipment and drives his equipment under someone else’s Operating authority via Lease Agreement, a fleet owner leasing his equipment and drives under an authorized carrier, a person or group of people transporting for customers for compensation, Local delivery service, and even a few guys with a few pick ups moving shit for others for a means of compensation………

Simply it’s a collective Authorized or Not, that moves shit from one point to another, via land travel, in pickups up to Class A Semi Tractors for compensation for the service provided.



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