First let me make this very clear



Flying J

Was my favorite, except their coffee (PILOT AND LOVES), Although this was a great deal for Pilot, The merger caused the chain to shed its restaurants.  Which was one of the top venues for food on the road; consistently, decent, with plenty of space and allowed us to get out and eat AWAY from the truck.  They also had driver zones that people hung out in to handle our needs, prior to mobile internet.  Nationwide network, and clean bathrooms (yes, we know how important that is, some place that gets hard to find!!!)


They maintain their properties, I hardly stop at one with issues as far as cleanliness.   They do have a few that need repair, and reminder of protocol.   They have better coffee than Flying J.  Their restaurants were franchise’s taking rental, to minimize their operational needs.  Today, it still is a truck stop I will stop at, unless I am in Atlanta.  Just saying…  There are a few more I will not stop at; however, it still is a decent truck stop for the needs of the road.


One of my favorites, they take care of the facilities better than Pilot, Love’s would have been a better choice for Warren Buffett, and Berkshire-Hathaway.  Better ran with less management issues. Great Coffee.  They maintain all their properties, with consistent cleaning, upkeep, management, and I do not recall any employees being rude, upset, nor disrespectful.  They have great fuel, and most of their locations keep a fuel truck and driver on standby, in order to make sure they have boots on the ground getting good fuel……

TA-  TravelCenters of America

Depends on where I am at, however when I want a sit down meal, I try to find one.


Did you know the further west you go the lighter the brew of the coffee gets?

This comes from the history of the USA building west, when the homesteaders where moving west, the further they got the less they had in provisions, so the less they used in order to conserve the rations for the people.  This has caused the coffee to be brewed, using less bean than they typically used back East.




Better restaurant, but They have been taking a beating over the years and wish more would go to the reinvestment into their facilities like Love’s.  Petro, has a good restaurant, and their restaurant always is packed!  I like their food as much if not a slightly bit more than the TravelCenters of America.  Their care and cleanliness is a big deal to me, so That is why Petro is graded lower here.


These are typically older, mostly maintained, and have decent if not above par restaurants for a fresh meal.  I have one I love out in Nebraska, that I go and order oatmeal and grits for a meal, when I go through the state.  Grandma does a great job there, If you from the south then you will understand how hard it can be to find grits and oatmeal on the road.  Only place they make grits like my Grandma.  If Sinclairs where more nationwide, they would lost control of their fuel, which is how they maintain their primary mission as drillers, storage, providers of oil and gas.  Depending on where you are located, and which ones you stop at many are outdated, and need a little TLC, however, they typically are the cheaper of fuel providers……….


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