The industry is good about having “on the job” training.  The carriers utilizing this type of paid training, is one of the best training an individual can get.  This requires the driver to be supervised, operating, under experienced supervision, and taught the realistic operations of truck driving.

3 months minimum, in a truck operating with a learners permit, at the very least, with a supervising Class A operator, 6 months would be best.  Driver mills, may get you trained to standard to pass the test; however, it will compromise drivers in the future.

Once driver has received the Class A designation, however, this is where opinions differ.  Team operations, for a minimum 3 months.  Then, and only then should the driver, be allowed to Drive Solo.  This ensures quality, and practical training standards.

Is this the best way?  Yes and no, they have their plus’ and minus’.   It would take years to study the outcome of such training, from a quality standard, retention, professionalism, and knowledge.  Have I had years to study, I could give a definite answer.   However, supposedly, Congress and the DOT are the smartest ones on the subject matter, that’s why they create the regulations of our industry.

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