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Every single business and job have their list of tools used within their industries.  Trucking is not excluded.  Our tools as you will see are very specific to the task at hand, and depending on the operation that a trucker is employed may have some additional tools that I may not list.  This is a list of tools of the trucking business.

  1. Map- Got to have this one as el’ numero uno.  I never utilize a GPS while driving a commercial vehicle, and never will.  This is because the use of a GPS, will never replace a physical paper map for two locations.  A lot of the industry are moving in that direction of paperless/electronic things.
  2. Logbook- yep it is a tool……ELD, aka Electronic Logging Devices, are the tool that we use to note or log the hours of operation for the truck and driver(s).  Everyone has to have one for commercial operations.  It “deters” drivers from violating federal working guidelines, that say drivers are not suppose to move freight past or after certain guidelines.  Not getting into those rules; and I will not be explaining that bullshit here.  In the past, before ELD, we utilized a process called “Double Logging” to circumvent the guidelines; this process was the creation of a extra “false” logbook(s), following patterns, and known locations to extend available driving time to a period of time.  Yes, I have done it!  I will admit it.  (No, I will not tell you what I have done running double logs right now; besides the story- I have already shared on one of the menu links at the header).
  3. CB Radio-  Communication tool, for safety, road notices of hazards, talking amongst the crowd, and an occupational “Hollar” from the Lot Lizard Lisa crowd.
  4. Load locks, Straps, Chains, and Binders-  Oh my!!  ……….these are used to secure the cargo hauled, so that it stays in place during transit, preventing damage to property.
  5. Load Boards-  They are a tool used to find freight on the spider web of electronic communication.  They assist carriers with booking freight, allow shippers to move their cargo, and help Santa push Rudolph for Christmas celebrations.  These are hardly ever seen unless you are the person booking loads or selling the freight.
  6. Signs/Beacons-  The Signs and Beacons are tools use in the transport of Over Dimensional freight.  Signs will save Oversized most of time or be flags posted on the corners, along with yellow beacon lights.  Escorts; Not the “Lot Lizard Lisa” kind; but actual escorts that lead and follow the oversized loads also can be seen with their vehicles.
  7. Ink Pen-  I am not telling you an explanation of what it is!
  8. Dunnage- This is the blocks of wood that are placed under the loaded cargo to keep straight, prevent movement, protect cargo/trailer from damage, ect.
  9. Dolly/Palletjack-  these are the non motorized tools used to unload the cargo, Forklifts and Electric palletjacks are used as well; but I am going to say– when drivers get on these operational tools like the forklift and electronic pallet jacks to load/unload their cargo at the shipper/receiver they tend to get really mad, (Yes I have been forced to leave a few facilities by jumping on a few {more than 4–not telling—, and several {more than 10} just let me finish} locations so these guys are mentioned but most of the time they try and make us unload with the non-motorized things listed.  Kills a logbook–for the hardheaded ones of us……..if you log it!!  Just saying—-

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