So this past week Mr Buffett, of Berkshire-Hathaway, took another stab at a transportation industry, investment play, see below:

Mr. Buffett, with me, you batting 0 for 2…… First Pilot and now this!!!

Here is why you should have sought better advisement:

  1.  Lyft is a much better ran organization, even though, I am not a fan of their pay agreement with their drivers, they should be paying another 20% minimum to the contractors.
  2. Lyft has in-person interviews with their drivers to ensure customer satisfaction.
  3. Lyft has much better Contract vehicles, and drivers.
  4. Lyft drivers are much more satisfied with their earnings.
  5. Lyft rates are typically between .75 cents to as high as $2 cheaper than Uber, yet Earnings are greater with Lyft.
  6. I, personally use Lyft, and they have never let me down with pickup, nor needed time to destination.
  7. Lyft app is easier to navigate and operate.

Mr. Buffett, since you are batting a 0 for 2, please fire your transportation industry advisors, their college degrees don’t mean shit; and honestly your historical investment record does not need a blemish this deep in your impressive and quite rare investment career.

Sincerely Yours

No Name

Investors should pay attention to the Trucking Industry

Investing for your retirement

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