Trucking has a many nostalgic things from “trucker hats” to the iconic “CB handles.”  Even though these items tend to rank in the cool meter of A++, as far as society goes and pines—

Trucking does have it’s own Legend:

The Legend of the Black Dog

I’ll talk about it.  Just when i have to clear the air on the topic.  Most of us do not care to mention the Dark, Massive Beast.  When he is around– You know it.  Each Trucker if close to finding this Black as Night Dog with venomous and treachorous Bite-  Snarling for the victim it smells coming closer and closer.

I can still see that pierce of his eyes gleaming through me, nipping at and taunting-  grabbing at the ground as to pull all of Hades with the earth to him with his victim-  Paralyzed by his glaze from just peering into the eyes of the Beast.  Your greatest fears all on a moments notice and calling for reprival and sentencing.

Without the worry of instant payment for his token and equalizing of his need to final gain of his due.  He does have a warning.  An arrival notice within the dark horrors of the night, pushing and glazing over to see him waiting to claim at his right time.  Due Upon Receipt, and Instantly taken-  no judgement, no consideration, nor Demands-  He takes immediately upon due.

Part Dog, Part Hades’ Prized and Favored Pets- Both Good and Evil- without the label of calling-  His Dog side obviously comes out, being close to man needing correction.  Dog is man’s best friend.  He does give his fair warning of impeding danger of his Bite and Judgement.  With that feeling of him pressuring the soul to move out of his grasp-  Even the tree line has holes that may come and grab hold through any glimpse of a paws reach and securement.

As far as, why he appears to the Operator-  Operator –Yes! — These talented professionals all know and understand the meaning of a true operator of his domain.  The Operator is the one who knows his skills, and yes they are skills; whether the cargo or package–(Transporter-  Yes would be an Operator-Most likely an Operator from the Trucking Community—just saying—Eat your Heart Out, Jason Stratham–Is that spelled right???IDK)–is expedited, or needing passing through the extremes of weathers from Ice and Snow; through the heat of Hade’s very own Furnace to heat that frozen palace in Hades capital city centered among his victims and their cries for mercy- when there is not one single notion mercy would exist–He is there to answer the call of demand and no negotiation of his price for the luxury of his service-  Prepayment-  Operators know and understand the basics guides of operation to the sheer being of priciples of physics, for anything that he is that Operator of True.  While Operators will bend, push, pull, even down right ignore some operating rules–however, they are operators and know the understanding of Pride and Skill, and their limits to control.  Never violating a full loss of control under his command.

The Black Dog loves the taste of the Operator, who runs without pause- pushing forward for the glimpse of his family he supports and dreams of nightly.  He knows that each load complete is another load toward his final goal-  Always Pushing Working Reaching for his success- dream fruition creation then: and soon realized through his hard work and determination for that success.  Customer demands keep his operation moving-plying for the ever so slight “HomeTime” they speak of-  Listening to his babies calm him at his resting location, only to open those eyes after that time of rest…..which does nothing but pile on more to do to complete the daily tasks to earn his keep.  Yet, Pushing over and Over, so that his children do not have to work like daddy did.  Better Life, but at what cost….understanding one day-they may understand why……but always wishing they could just join in his pursuit for them and their dreams in the future Success He sees………..  Master of his Domain without problems-only issues needing some guidance of their master.

You will see him, running and pacing the rig through the trees of the night roadside.  Sipping the dew from the Asphalt to conjure his desire to collect his due.  He being part man’s best friend, gives the Operator his fair warning.  Pacing and begging him to slow; time of recollection and pause; demanding a sideview- even momentarily would give plenty of space as to not conjure the Legendary Beast, risking life, limb, the pursuit-  just be having him throw some caution your way as warning.

When the time is right, for his due; The Black Dog:  Leaping direct through the soul of the victim-  Seizing the bounty to pay for his provocation and taughting of failed warnings and attempts to turn his actions away from the ever impending and declarative takings that while earned are pulled from their owners grasp—lost due to lack of care, concern, and love of the pursuit of Success—with unrelenting jaws of venom, eyes of such depth as the greatness of the black hole of death, destruction, and utter chaos that he came for his calling.

The Black Dog being the known equalizer, takes everything from his victim; his prized possessions of his deepest corners from his heart and soul.  Taking that because he although prized these legacies, he did only pursue the promise of clamoring and wishing for that ever evasive SUCCESS and the pursuit thereof…..For if he would have only stopped and paused, while in middle of the fleeting processing of the pursuit; he would have still had his prized legacies – after the Black Dog gave his warning from afar- and still been closer than ever to his Success measure barometer that he imposed upon himself for his meaning and legacy of the life he chose, Gaining completion and elevating his status amongst his people.

If you ever come to see Legendary Black Dog-  just know no one else will see him- he gives fair warning to his ever pacing closer victims because of being part of Man’s Best Friend; but do not let that fool you of his intent, purpose, and cost.  He is the Taker of those which are treasured most.  They will no longer be that of your sted, but will become his at his time of due——Listen to his warnings —there are not many that he gives heeds and warnings:  Consider Yourself Favored for those.


For those wondering—-Yes there are footnotes for this below:

Steering Wheel Holders- Do not worry — You do not fit the criteria nor the desiring qualities he finds himself lurking in the shadows, seeking the next victims.
SuperTruckers-  Too much Talk and no Action.  So do not worry your desirous thoughts with him.




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