Dad always had a saying, “Can’t beat a trucking company that is the most efficient, cheapest, owns 100k trucks; and earns $5 per day per truck.”  No matter which way its cut and sliced, that is still $500k gross weekly on the whole operation.  With clearly half net due to lacking of expenses on dispatchers running “plus sized”  fleets earning 50-60k a year, if they are good and make enough money……..yes, these som-bitches can cost you money just by being a dispatcher that learns the job but NOT THE JOB OF, via a computer and the carrier network database.  Keep them moving, making them feel good, or send them shipping to another carrier.


Just a number and enraged because my driver is with me on the phone until 6am, helping this man get loaded and finally en-route. He needs his pay, upon arriving, but he is moving and will be there by morning.  Tomorrow, with his word not to let me down.  Just needs his pay for the extra costs…….Yes, I have paid drivers out of my pocket just to get my money after 20days of waiting.  Telling a customer, call the cheaper guy, because he obviously thinks  it will secure your account.

Laughing, knowing it would be 6 months after his payment clears, before I would get a single load from his business, for the disrespect of beggin’ to pay a single load early so we could clear it within 24 hours for the guy who spent his last dime loading, and then delivering the 3 day wait with defined costs, you needed a few on it to clear the next ones at way lower rates than normal due to this one load.    Clearing would have made extra money for the load because the driver said hey you were with me the whole time.  I am giving the rights to collect to you, since you are going to get the payment I need clear.  I only need that bit, to make my deadhead to move this load paying 18 per mile, and $155 per hour detention after the first one.  Along with Loading and unloading fees that look like salary fees for assisting crane, as lead ground,  and loading all the trucks in line to match rate, plus bring the 10 loads to the port.

I made over $300 on that load alone, extra from cashing his rights, and collecting on the paper, then made an additional $800 direct from driver on detention, and Payment upon payment, for detention, claiming, if we see anything of that detention in the end, tell your boss his shit don’t stink.  You really do not want to know what this man paid me when it was all said and done, 24 hrs detention-  I collected, sent half to him via Western Union, and kept the other.  5% on the factoring, 10% on the dispatch load alone, plus they paid the driver additional money for being the Safety man to the crane, I believe the crane company paid this man $2500 just to be the ground guy to load the 10 trucks….Do the math…….Why because my driver knew what was going on and knew that taking care of his dispatcher was important.

Most time I just get my dispatch fee, that extra stuff, he gave to me……the factoring fee at 5% was well worth keeping in house, when possible I try to do what I can always have.  My drivers don’t mind paying 5% to me, when they going to pay that anywhere else, unless its recourse…..3%……..then they still usually will pay me 5% if I ask to factor some bills for a few more guys………

Fucking driver for real called and told me MY shit don’t stink, and that new guy….laughed so fucking hard, we had to take his big ass to the damn doctor…pulled a muscle ….knew the customer better than the driver, which was surprising since the customer was known for not paying detention.  My customers understand, I am a driver, and I hold myself accountable to those who contract with me.  Tell me where you need, or want more rates, to run consistently 500 miles, and I will show you how to guarantee that you get the highest rates, more consistent money runs, and never the bullshit.  Show me a driver willing to learn, Ill show you were to bet on that horse race to the end.

I will take any fucking driver, older the better.  More road dog and salty shithead the faster I will teach this man into a solid dispatcher than runs off of memory of specific people he has met throughout his career.  That will be the best business builder, without any hassle, and will give his all to the fundamental need to sell freight or his brothers starve.   Those trucks costs money sit in the yard for a few weeks.  Sit a truck two weeks can be the same as losing $1500 net to the truck, just the truck…. “Find me the highest load to start the week!” I have made it to 4.25 per mile on lanes, that typically pay $1 or less to get the fuck out of the unprofitable region, if not peak season.  I also had a driver, to speak with daily for over 45 days for frost laws.  I will ask advice all the time from that man.  I remember going just unhook and go from the storage lot, being told you couldn’t leave and knowing I wanted him to get unhooked from  the load and get you some $$, cause We had a brotherhood that we don’t even have to discuss.  We bullshit, but most of us can’t get along with the crowd of the fucking truck-stop.  Let a trucker ever arrive at the local pit-stop, he can sit right there until a profitable rate comes along, job ok, worked my way in many an operation to learn their business aspects.

The man that told me the greatest secret for freight, was a trucker running a PETERBILT, no bullshit.

He said, “ You never want to be the first man out, You always want to be the last man standing.”  Get 10 trucks in an area, the drivers will be the ones sitting knowing, they cashing checks, let them sit.  Freight don’t move customers start blaring cause there aren’t any trucks to load there; rates pick up Q-U-I-C-K!  Drivers will never see another hungry, or some way to travel freely like the common gypsies we tend to resemble, or the patron St Christopher, Patron Saint of the Traveler Spirits, Protector and Director, Guiding those wondering Souls.”  Tell the driver I’ll drive put me on your insurance cause your rate will immediately lower with me as a driver.   Call my bluff.  Done it more than once.  Could find the best rates in town, and capitalize on my contacts and my freight forwarders knowing what I said would happen.  Might be favors,  but my guys; I would bet on any day, they cost more, but you know ………..trucks move freight, not quotes……………..Yes Scott I have used it since I heard it……………..when you understand that, then that is my rate, like it or not, my guys will sit 5-6 days for a higher rate, because I am a dispatcher and I am an agent for the Owner of the carrier.  Most likely owned by the one driving and getting kicks out of what this driver is willing to ask for a rate just to listen to the response laugh about it then sell the rate to the same one that just cussed you out because you quoted $6.25  on a .89 per mile lane to cali or any destination, because that is the shit you do………I took it for the rate in when I should have taken more profits for the load because we were the only ones in the area, and 5 brokers trying for my guys……Guess what…5.25 because we knew each other’s business.  Knew how to play our strengths.  He never cut me from a deal, exclusive for him his drivers, and my business with his company.  He wanted to drive, I wanted his job.  Guidance will teach many thing’s, however one thing that it would never teach is honor with our professional guys, pushing to be the office speed profit freaking nightmares.  We know what we do and never question each other, but he let me earn my money, they better not call and wake me up…….

Yes sir, was stated, and then the first time you are so busy that he gets the call.  Calls me freaking out; he just emerged and hears 2 borrowed phones a office line, a fax machine (yes we had one up to two yrs ago….), and 2 cell phones to keep the trucks moving, needing him to get something where we all make a buck.  Not giving up for 4 days, empty no income and His fucking ass talking shit the whole time, making me think I was going to be another dispatcher on the “see ya piece of shit list”, sucking on the wish I wouldn’t done that ………

Drivers are relentless.  Most give two fucks who some famous person gave head to, however some of the most sleaziest and fun locations, are the ones that surprise you the most.  Stay calm move on, is my best advice……

Don’t ask cause you probably don’t want to know anyway because the explanation ends up being;  an explanation too long and too complicated to fuck it up.  Just let them keep going it will keep you occupied those days of nonstop distances that just say didn’t work on the 10/8 original scheduling.  Split log that, and run the second book to cover two weeks, if they date zero.  Just sign.  Date, NOPE!!  NO NEED,  marching to the exit avoiding anything other than see ya’ll next round, signature accepts and agrees delivered.  Open for discussion, and free of imitation.  I know !~!  SHIT YOU SAY!!


Then, be coming through the coop throwing log sheets out as far as they see you coming to the coop.  DOT officer so tight on the ass, he must like licking ass and smelling shit, but you didn’t see his fucking car as you started throwing.  Sleep the 8, Ill see you in few hours.  Waking up to a mound of damn log sheets stuck to window with some silicone, your name on the papers clear as day, and a note that says you can leave when these obstructions to your windshield are cleared out and properly disposed by the post door entry and exit way for each one of them to see you every trip back and forth cause the damn can is chained or strapped to that spot and moves about 12″, then drops you to the ground extended feet out front, arm snapped, and out of breathe from the asphalt hit you just took without consideration or appeasement.

Mississippi , Whats up you flaky, toggle flippers!  Knowing that Damn Chicken Coop is open 24 Damn 7, 364 if we are lucky…….nope Mississippi, did not catch me throwing them logs out…….Caught me on a 30 minute break I forgot to log………Bitches…….. Make us MADMOTHERTRUCKERS  daily for the utter enjoyment of watching someone first time across Mississippi scales and getting through them motherfucking coops, Illegal in some form and praying that motherfucker was moved by following inbound Return.  Cause no matter what we all knew you can drive to Memphis in exactly 10 hours on a certain lane, and knew each one of those prick ass dickhead officers who loved watching everyone squirm cause something may catch those eagle eye mother fuckers attention and now you trying to skim the scale or drop axles to redistribute weight

Mount Eagle or is that Murfreesboro TN single platform at the bottom right there by Antioch north bound to Nashville, where the TN DOT State Trooper failed to acknowledge his impending danger of being splattered on the road by a coil of copper 90k heavy and short, I wonder if he realized it was me every time he hears my voice talking with my whipper stick and boosted Radio, cause we did that for long desolate place, and no one is around you for 80 miles, but you can let them know location and check on by morning unless you hear otherwise ……..The area is fucking heavy traffic into Nashville with record labels, country stars, and the Alf building  …….Stays packed any day and time with exception for the 330-415 traffic…….from the Chattanooga Traffic northwest bound.  Bet you that some bitch will remember that damn bumper, cause I would NOT have stopped….I would NOT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO STOP I MEAN.


Chattanooga has built a mountain of carriers.  That crossing of the continent, that is the single location created, finds the epic center of growth and conjuncture flowing into and out of the South like the gateway home.  Want to be a successful trucking company, Go to Chattanooga build it, so they will come.


Crazy Shit-  Test  Drive that truck 55mph with max of 65mph out west high speed zones.  Bet you in 4 full weeks, you made more money and traveled just as many if not more miles paid.  Test me, your wallet can thank me later.

Did you see what that Madmothertrucker said about those fucking Carriers.  Shocking he ain’t holding his breathe.  This guy really said fuck it take the ship down like a captain, fuck it, fly the emergency raft……He at least said it once…..don’t hear no person wanting to respond…..Hell insulted that fucking SWIFT driver school of thought and said If you don’t know the ways, cover your eyes.  Ask for the bill of 20 random loads cause you work under contract for rates.  You have every right.  If you ever got to see them again, you will be out every door claiming all kinds of bullshit.

Work for the last 4 weeks free to cover  the extra two days off with my family…….yet, grabbing gravel, to get done.  Saving 10k for a laptop and the rest as my down payment at the bank my dad and my uncle called for a favor because I always paid for my shit……3 or 4 trucks bought paid for and found solid buys to clear my investment back on a month or two.


I know VP and CEO’s of carriers.  Some own trucks and you would never image or seen locations with fleets for efficiency.  Cleared damaged freight for guys to salvage the insurance claim mid summer.  Before the grapefruit destroyed.  Saved y’all 8-12k ………Thanks for the $2000 fee, it was worth it.  Always asking to find them for every carrier I came in contact…..Wrecked cargo in trailer  I want to see it.


This business has so fucking many angles of profit once you hit a specific level that the fleet suddenly gets full fleet pricing.  Phone call add on yes please.  Simple easy, because you got 10- and just adding a single driver can drop overall pricing as a fleet, almost by half………if you are lacking balls this ain’t for you.

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