Parents with teenager’s, know they want their kids safe, secure, and healthy.  However, when it comes to teaching the fundamentals of the operation of a vehicle; even the parents are not sure who what when and where they should start and finish with the education and proper operation of a vehicle.

So many do not even know the basics of what needs to be done if you have a flat tire, and much less how to change them.  What is the car performance not the same as the 4 months prior, without the proper maintenance and upkeep that the vehicle needs to function.

Let’s not, get me started on driving habits……..Wow!!  That is a whole nother can o’ worms.  Much less those who think they can drive, when they do not even need to have a license; nor the approval.

Why you should utilize a professional operator–Not necessarily a driving school……..let me be very clear.  A professional driver/operator is the OTR truck driver, Hotshot operator, Tow Truck Operator;—-These professionals, are fully trained, understand the make up of proper maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle, and will teach the teenagers how to function everything from pulling the oil dip stick, and transmission fluid levels, to the changing of a tire –way before they start the operational aspects of training.  They rely on their years of driving and operating commercially to teach knowledge that a student driver can use to be the best driver on minimum skill and lack of experience, through the teachings of the lifespan of operation within the public roads.  They understand the dangers and will give the best abundance, and depth of skills needed to safely operate on today’s roadways.

These guys know what it takes to operate safely, beyond measure, and for better optimization (usually) of the vehicle.  They can teach these to kids, that way we are producing a much better quality driver, than what we are finding in todays roads, and public spaces.

Just a thought for the day!



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