Brokering loads is selling both sides

Brokering freight, is done by two different types of brokers.  They essentially act on their own behalf, by providing service to the customer shipping or receiving the cargo.  When they book the load with the Transporting Carrier, they typically, add a fee, deduct a percentage, or a combination–from both sides of the transaction. Brokers- These […]

Brokering: How Brokers and Broker Agents Earn

Brokers are the authorized entities, people or companies- who are the middlemen of the freight industry—-Let’s be frank—-Brokers are the middlemen in any industry—-they are the arbitrage traders-They may have the trucks, and need fast freight to keep going- brokers can get freight—–may need a shipment moved with a shipper—getting the shipper a truck—– Good […]