There are no secrets.  This industry has been jabbed, poked, prodded, and raped so much throughout the years, that the secrets, are like Victoria’s Secrets; Open, Road hard, and not worth the $50 you spent.  I am not judging, I’m just saying if that’s all you got to offer might want to reconsider.

JB Hunt, Swift, Schneider These carriers make all their knowledge known for efficiency and statistical analysis?  Everything is set at 30% and pay the brokerage client, owner operators, the balance.

Wait, did you not hear that right?

They make more on the brokerage clients pulling their overage freight than they do from the in-house owner ops. Making 68-75% of gross.

Ever wonder if that number is real?  Call similar businesses and ask their rates and typical lane rate per mile.  Not only do they get a premium, on mileage , but they also guarantee millions in freight movements.

Volume is the mass fleet business, with pockets deeper than banks.  Multiple carriers, and business assets like brokerages or warehousing facilities,  untold transactions, via multiple income streams and efficient lean practices make the volume with proper alignment and solid foundation back office teams.

There are no more secrets.

Either you know how to make your mark, locate freight, get funded on the invoice at completion and push again.  Each load, until you have profit for each truck, each driver, and everyone is safely home.  My over concern for my drivers was the most stressful.  Especially with the guys that stayed out and never wanted the home-time.

Their glory over the years was always completing that load safely so they can get the next assignment complete.  Their glory was the 5 yrs of on time deliveries they handled, or the guy they gave the CB handle, or the one needing advice on which avenue they should pursue ……..

No matter what, those true truckers never truly die, they only shift the gears into hammer and keep their sight on the horizon, because they know tomorrow will be another load to deliver.  The consistent smooth action of that metal from the Steel Horse they ride.  Finally, able to get the Peterbilt they always wanted.

The bullshit they have fed about you cant get rates like we can.  Look at them and tell them MADMOTHERTRUCKER SAID You can get better rates than them.  We find things that most humans steer from and make it our world.

Well, guess what.  I am tired of the bullshit deceits and the way you pocket extra dough thinking we don’t pay attention and learn.  We know when they have 9-10 car hauler will easily clear $ 50k gross a month.

When I talk with drivers they understand me, and know the more they make, the more I make.  I have drivers not understand 3 days is only 3 days with the average prime plus rate and no bullshit.

We are not cheap, but I want people to understand  real drivers know they are not going hungry, Nor are they stuck anywhere, Cause That dispatcher is gonna earn every mile you do.

Run …….Electronic monitoring cause they think control over everything works, and then wonder why loners live among gypsies.–Control is doing everything to slow the economy- Control has caused an excessive need for operators- Control has cost the industry millions of dollars of production and their clients lost production.

We are not loners ……. We just give two shits whether we eat this week month year.  We shall see each other again.  Knowing trucks or voices over CB.

Dad described the scariest rain storm ever.

“Sheet of rain water standing in stance, immovable, and sudden, that two truck lengths became brake lights bright.   Ass hole tight……”

Looking out over the mountain tops dad drove like rails……Us boys couldn’t believe we saw dads sparks in the middle of the night from the rims hitting the guardrail on the curves.  Watch the rails at night, old habit of mine.  These ol running roads sparkle from the trailer rubs…… Like sparklers lit for july 4.

Can you tell how MADMOTHERTRUCKERS are found?

Telling the first customer how that was your driver, and I need process your $80,000 unfinished load because my driver was disrespected so bad for a problem created by the customer.  I’ll stand my guy in a corner and make him understand Road Dogs Bite.  Neither is my guys in the office.  Bet you ……

What is this

A Compilation Reverence of Esteemed Enlightenment for Better Future

Driver’s and the actual realities of responsibilities

America would starve

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