Ok, I can admit that I am not the easiest person to get along with, nor do I care.  Those that know me, understand me within reason, and know that even though it may not be liked, I am known for just not holding back.  Oh don’t like it………suck that thumb some more, and call your momma……cause she’s about the only one who will care to listen………..no person has ever held their tongue with me, so it’s my way of giving back.


My friend, or so I thought, use to use me to get him to a profitable position with his company, cause I know my shit.  I would repo, any motherfucking thing I would get my hands on for this motherfucker.   My driving record, made his insurance premium drop when he put me on his trucks…..I left, and he kept me on because it was cheaper than his other drivers.  This motherfucker was my friend.  Well, I was working with him, and doing my usual, repo’ing motorcycles, cars, trucks, finding more business, calling finance companies who were lenders that we needed more business.  Well this guy has pretty much been extorted by his former partner….the former partner, just say was not suppose to be in the business anymore…but that is another story…….. Well, my supposed friend, had some people working for him, and lets just say, that one is a former competitor, who he put out of business, that had came in during the partner extortion……We were out doing our thing, and I find out that this crackhead prick, who was the former competitor, actually knew that my friend, was being extorted for over 6 months, before he actually found out.  Yep, they actually fucking told me, my friend was not told of the extortion, for 6 months, and the crackhead admitted he knew how he was doing it, didn’t care until he was being shorted……………………yep actually happened, so I do what I do best, I spoke my mind!  I told this mother fucking crackhead piece of shit off, took up for my friend…..Needless to say, it was an easy choice, I wasn’t working with that two faced crackhead…..Period!

A few months pass, and my “friend” texts me see if I needed some work.  Well, because I know my shit, and I know my business, I wanted to partner with him, because I know I could make that son of a bitch a lot of money, just by managing his operation, and let him go get clients.  I know how to fix any truck, do all the paperwork, I know the industry very well, a little too well.  So about the 3rd text, I said, to him…..Look brother, the only way I come back is if I get 25% of the business.  Crackhead is gone-  You step down, and allow me to operate the business, while you go get clients.  I’m not coming back to fix your fuck up again.  I told you your problems, 4 different times, Consulting you when you asked, and told you originally your partner was not good for you.  Once, not paying my $3500 invoice, for the three weeks of time trying to help consult you.  Still came back and worked for your stupid rate of $40 a car, cause you were having all these issues.  Still not listening.  Sometimes love, is tough love.  Let me know.

This Sumbitch, texted me back…..said, hold up, I texted you to offer you a job and some work with good pay, and this is what I get.  You should quit trying to skip grades, and stay in your station…………….

Well you Sumbitch……………….How do you like me now.


Before departing a Class A Towing Co, the owner said to me that it was my responsibility to give him any freight I had that would benefit the company, and other drivers; without commission for the closed sale, without any benefit if I was not the driver.  Expected me to go out and find business, as a sales manager, Train his drivers, amongst other roles, without any pay………Well before I left, he said; “You are not the owner of this business, I am and you do not tell me when operating is unsafe, or any risk to MY equipment. ”  Before I left I told him he would be out of business right after all my guys I trained, had left or been ran out.  I did put an offer on the closed business, that at one point, was doing $2.3 Million annually.  Needless to say they did not accept my bid, but bet that motherfucker thinks about what I told him every day.  I told him, I cannot help it was true, and he knew it from the time I told him.


Driver’s can not drive and be agent’s!  Done IT.  Got the Tshirt.  Matter of fact, I did drive and was an agent for a carrier at the same time.  I worked off my phone, laptop, and a pickup truck cab.  Do not tell me it can not be done.


Been told that I should give my freight to the office, that took me years to get, so that the drivers had freight to run.  Without being paid, cause dispatching terminal manager and dispatch are handling the customer, and backoffice things.   You should not have your own freight at all, instead it is required for you to have your customers contact us direct.  Yep, was actually told this not one time, not two times, but four different times that I know they, even tried taking the customer, after I left and took my truck to another carrier, they would call the customers, not realizing, the customer would tell me, and refused to do business with them; after they tried to talk shit…..instead of telling the customer the reality.  Needless to say, my customer had been doing business with me since the first year he opened, when he was still driving his forklifts loading trucks.


Driver’s should not broker, or be taught how to broker freight.  Well, Mr. guess you were wrong again…..I paid for training, to learn how to broker freight.  Took me 3 months of calling on the phone 200-300 calls per day, to finally book a load where I made $135 commission my part.  Went on to book freight in excess of over $30k, per load.  My highest person brokered deal was $34,750.   That is a light weight charge for a single load.  I’ve been party to freight bills, over over $125k, and have seen guys book loads for more.


Drivers should stay drivers, and quit with all that ownership, and upper management thoughts.  Well all I can say, Is ……………Kiss My Ass, Operators should fight for the industry, Fight for what you believe, and stand up for yourself and others, even if they will not stand and speak.  At least, we pushed back, when we felt like it must be said, even if you are alone.


Got told I could not make it to a certain location within 3 days from loading…..Solo……….guess who got paid $4000 in cash,  when he woke me up on his dock to unload…………..plus my standard premium rate to run the route…….which was just over $3200.


These are just some things, that have been told to me over my career…..I was raised in the south, and well, probably the only thing that kept me going so long, was just to prove the point that they would not win against me, whether it takes me until I am 90, flossing my teeth with Kenworth wiring harnesses.

To all those that said we should stay in our station…..A few have closed, a few are on the way, some have bowed down, others said no way………..but one thing remains the same……They all know they could not beat me, nor make me fold to my knees.

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