This morning was another one of those mornings–you start thinking and the words just start pouring out. Unable to slow my thought, or keep everything the way it was presented, largely due to me driving into work, then having the phones go- 90 to nothing since the doors where open.

Some things unrealized

Some thing most do not realize about me is that I am usually up by 530 in the morning, this morning was around 445; regularly, I am up before the alarm. I am the first one in at the J-O-B, and the last one to leave my J-O-B. Then, when I go to the house, I usually work on my projects until late in the night–usually around 9/10/11 pm depending on how long my mind pulses.

When I started this website, several years ago now–I really started it to be a small voice for those in the industry that I thought and still believe are the ones that should be heard- The guys that everyone profits on, but are essential misunderstood, turned into a number for profits, and are not given the chance to make positive affects toward a better future for the next one’s that are coming up behind us.

Although I no longer drive a rig for others, I am still connected to this industry, and forever will be. The trucking industry is in my blood. For this connection; as a operator- which I am still qualified to drive, and do get to still go out and drive from time to time–this career I have had, has caused some turmoil in my life. Not getting to see my kids, and being told I could not care for my children due to a career choice is one of those–

What this industry provided

Instead of me really going through and expounding on the things that this passion caused in my life; let me show you what this Industry has provided for a goal towards a fulfillment.

Obviously, by now you realize that- this website ( pays me absolutely Nothing– I do not earn money from this site; I do this to help those in need, and those around the industry to look deep within their action. To find a cause, greater than their self; to grow- and better the industry that literally moves the world.

Not just Trucking–but the Transportation industry as a whole; whether it is Aviation, Trucking, or Sea– We all can learn and grow together as a whole. We can all learn from each other.

One thing that I have expounded on here in the past is there are NO SECRETS to being successful in this industry. Everything in this sector, we call trucking, transfers to every single sector in the industry; when we really look at transportation carriers- WE ALL GET PAID TO DO THE SAME THING! TRANSPORT SOMETHING BETWEEN TWO POINTS, A PICKUP AND A DESTINATION HOPEFULLY AT A PROFIT. The numbers and processes do not change; it is the application of delivery that changes. So, we all bring something to the table.

let me provide you with an example

Another thing most people do not realize about me, is that I have a deep connection with the aviation community. I have flown single engine planes since I was 14 yrs old. My uncle was a flight instructor, as well as, an air traffic controller. I soloed on my 16th birthday, which by law is the youngest you can actually solo- and I actually have enough logged flight time to be a licensed Private Pilot. I have yet to realize this childhood dream of mine; however, this does not stop me; I know I will be a commercial pilot, sometime, within my lifetime.

The reason I am telling you this, is because sometimes in life; you must take a chance; you must risk, grow, learn lessons that are not clear.

Back a few years ago, I had saw an article written about an airline who was filing bankruptcy. This airline was a very large airline- nowhere near the USA. However, their principles of operation are the exact same as any other transportation carrier- Point A to Point B, then B to C, and on.

I knew, without a shadow of doubt, I could fix the airline. Let me say that one more time…I knew without a shadow of doubt, I COULD FIX THAT AIRLINE. I had taken enough time to learn and build my knowledge within an industry, and with several businesses– that without any doubt within 3-5 years time frame, that airline could be profitable again.

Taking the chance

I had enough research, that I saw they had too many lanes that were either unprofitable, and they were really stretching to grow too many lanes at one time- essentially over servicing and trying to capitalize on too much. That was just the start.

I knew my time frame of 3-5 yrs was going to be tight, but very doable. They just needed to be profitable, and the rest would fall into place.

I sent the supervising government agency my offer. $15 million for the 5 year time frame, maximum, that I saw to come in a fix the business that had really overgrown itself and culture; and needed a fresh set of ideas on the subject.

By No Means–am I boasting or bragging–this offer was publicly turned down by the government agency, the only thing they turned me down for was that they wanted a person from their country to run the business. This was the only reason given. The answer was published in the news, a short time after my offer. However, I took the chance that could have proven my ideas work.

I can keep telling you about all kinds of business- from how one idea was taken and actually pitched to the US Senate, and the guy actually changed his email before pitching it–or how a trucking company failed after taking an investors money–because this 3 truck carrier owner just wanted me to give him the answer, or by trying to take my cash–without putting in the work–forgetting to build a foundation. I actually offered to go, and fix the company for only 25% of the shares in the business plus his wife, who was running the business, could learn first hand how to get the business profitable–instead he not only took another investors offer of $50,000–but his business failed not long after.

Acknowledgement of Self

I know, beyond any doubt, who I am. Without Success, without anything, the pursuits that I have had taught me that I will forever be, not only a trucker; but I am an entrepreneur. No one could ever change that. I pursue that realization of a dream to make a positive mark on society through my desires of business acumen.

Far more failures have come from this life, than successes. Nothing that I have experienced, could ever change this, and I think every entrepreneur will agree with this if they were being truly honest with themselves . Call it a Purpose, however, when we really look at what this thing is that we call an entrepreneur–It really boils down to one thing.

The desire to help others, and to make the world better

This was the reason I wrote this article, and why this website was created. It’s really the only thing I wish to accomplish from Money would be great. However, from all my lessons on money I had or was forced to learn is that money comes and goes, and when the only reason you do something is for the money– that is when it is fleeting the most- almost like it loves to make you chase it more and more.

In closing

Where ever your life takes you and where ever the road curves and leads; whatever the purpose or desire, give it your whole heart, never do it for the money-but for what the dream actually does for your purpose in life– to leave this world better than we found it–not only for yourself but those around us as well.

For the dream in your eyes, and the courage to find yourself no matter where that leads!!

Sincerely Yours,


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