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Basic knowledge will naturally tell an individual that a Trucker is an asset, and only source of income besides the brokerage sales, which in a volume business, like trucking, and the typical business model for carriers keep the trucker, at asset level producing while office personnel are brought in to the core, and trained without the most valuable of inputs, which is the assets experience and knowledge. You know; The one making them the earnings to float and continue operation on excessive customer pay terms of over 45-90 days net in some cases, just to secure the volume customer and the backing of the customer financials…….

Just to get the consistent freight, with great terms, on assets of carrier, upon invoicing for mediocre rates to keep fuel and the driver happy, without the volume buy power, nor the backing.  However, these lenders of 30-90 day invoicing net terms, are making money at a rate of 5% per 3 months for the factoring service.  That is over 20% return of full invoice collection, not including late fees, and other earnings.  The providers of insurance, licensing, factoring, fuel, and all the other needs of the trucker and operation, are getting their slice small percentages, and short terms.  Continuously flowing and revolving, through the invoice factoring and fund advances to operate.


Why the up and coming fleet must change for the driver, and not limit the ones seeking future executive status and who produce profits day and night, for the industry, carriers, Owners, and management.  Some of us Natural just get our own customers over the years.  We have freight.  They like us cause we do not have an issue telling the phone client they are full of shit or some perturbed Monday night dinner joke around the TA Pro Driver roundtable.   You know the one where the waitress is typically red with embarrassment of having the old driver proceed to those awkward gestures or sounds too embarrassing to constantly remind them of…..   The older wait staff know how to calm everything down, by embarrassing the most seasoned road driver, Peterbilt, 18sp, 600 hrs power CAT, big money, fast talker, and good tipper for the common crowd at the stop.


Memorial Day Offers

Trust this, the driver is not made by the Peterbilt, they drive, as some appear to believe.  However, The iconism of the Peterbilt brand truck, and name it commands is something of awe, and almost making the driver believe their retentive grandeur.  Nice trucks yes, and are my choice for Petermobilin’, Chicken Tractor, on the Freeway spouting.  There is philosophic wisdom found on the road paved by their 18sp double over, vs that 10speed runner want to run with’em……

Not one of us forget where we came from.  Most have found mentors with in the most surprising, gruff, smelling people without a bathtub around.  Yet, we all seem to get us through each day, liking each other , or not…….. We are loners, for the most part.  We understand performing for the carrier, at full costs and risks.  When needed, we also know how to make sure the load is delivered to the customer without damages, losses, and  insurance claims…..  We exemplify standard we set above the home carrier supporting us, and give wholly to perform as the assets we come to be.

If it is driving Christmas Eve, to be on time from Rochester NY delivery to see the kids, on Christmas day.  Or Pushing the envelope far more times, skimming the drive time to meet a instant performance bonus to the central management, not even grabbing acknowledgement or a bonus for performing that critical movement and need

Like the acknowledgement or even down, right honor, of bragging rights to say you did and it can be done amongst the best road hardened salty dogs across the barren deserts, or resolute chicken trucks flaming down the freeway with their illegal shiny catch the ticket on next round, road raider



The Acknowledgement of Problem


Being drivers are considered as a whole, a nuisance, burdensome loners without communication skills, with commonalities of lack of sleep, lack of following rules, that bend with unrelenting reverb, and treat of shutting the wheels down, to financial breaking and taxing regulations of perfection without mistakes, Drivers continually are kept away in warehousing, truckstops, off beaten areas of the worst firezones in the states, and around the world.  Making friends with the other deplorable low lifes accepting their fate granted, to walk amongst the asphalt people.  Kept from eyes, except during deliveries to local facilities where we can get out and walk amongst the workers outside of the office.

Always making a dollar for everyone above us, and keeping the equipment perfect on the imperfect road of transporting via grounded wheels.  To always be; the always shining profit producers of the day month year.  Lending the support of years past and years coming.

If drivers are the primary profit centers, operating loads to safety, Why is the driver the least taught, and the most unrelenting profession to leave for a future to guide young truckers past the wheel and into the management and grooming better efficient trucking operations.

Asset vs liability

Assets pay the bills, liabilities cost more operational costs.  Positive versus a Minus.

Simple as that.  Number one reason is that most, in general, can not think about the positive effects of teaching the drivers knowledge to create more competition.  Why help them, when they are not trusting enough with information, yet simple for them to have us move high value high priority freight that could cost carriers hundreds of thousand for a single loss of cargo.


The reality of enlightenment

At my end, with cheap fucking freight, and a bloodline within the hearts of the industry.  I could not get the industry to get me out of the truck so I can utilize the gift bestowed upon myself and being by my grandfather.   I found a guy who heard me tell my story of working for $1 a mile and owning a truck, after first 6 months, yet worked triple time to find better freight without anyone acknowledging my better paying and profit margin freight that when I did get, was allowed to let me pull 2 of the 5 loads, that My customer sent to me because they knew I would be the one moving it at the contracted rate.  No 10% commission, 70% of the gross, and all associated, including fees of entry and exit, while my dispatcher said keep getting those loads so we can all make more money…….

Where is my commission I rightfully earned, and you took without anything but when can you get more cause we cannot even take the customer even though we billed them for you.

Lucky me………

At least there were a few loyal motherfuckers who knew we were being taken advantage of……….by the mere sound of questions coming from their NE office, or LA common-accentures.


My first training official, on the industry and freight, that was the basic knowledge of my first 5 yrs of watching rates from the dashboard, and going back to figure what the supposed rate to the customer was.  Boy was that a shocker, especially when the paid for trainer said, Math is right, but the rate is not right, That customer booked with us last week that very lane, for over 2.55 per mile plus detention after first hour loading at 95 per hour rate.  Math, which mom being a school teacher, I was pretty good with the percentages, yet over a .50 per mile deduction was just forgotten about when they booked with more larger carriers.  That is easily a 20%, payoff, of each $2.05 per load average pay out rate that they cleared an additional 30% average off the top.   I want 50% margins on top……..without having to pay but 1.40 to the owner operator doing the work…………

Common practices and all

They are no wiser, keep the system going off their lack of knowledge or lack of teaching forethought, because they know of no better or act as if the writing and teaching does come when the students are ready to decide on the best decision for their family, because they chose, versus forcing teaching and being told, You a driver, drivers drive, You just keep doing the good work of getting your better paying freight and keep our money coming because you will not get a dime of commission unless you take it and know how to get the money.

We Corn fed around here, and know what a good ol country ass whoopin’ is……..funny thing is you pay for a learning, with a school to get a 1 truck agency and 1 driver , in reality you find a person, who teaches you the maximum way for him to earn, and find more drivers.    Then, realizing you are selling freight, from same customers of last year, and your owners are doing more money on the 70% payout, than you ever got on the same lane and load.  I guess that is the difference in knowledge versus the acknowledgment and implementation of teachings.

With my understanding from the teacher, and him maximizing his earnings though my desire to simply move a load, anywhere for the customer, for acceptable rates, to both trucker and shipper.    That is a successful load.  Everyone is a winner and a surefire way to keep the driver you keep pushing for to call back and talk business.

Give me one guy who tells the customer, I don’t touch a load I would not touch with my current knowledge, and I will show you a guy who can get freight, that pays better, on almost all lanes, will constantly get drivers anytime they post a load if it makes it past the speed dial.

The guy who let me become the knowledgable in my journey, listening to me make 2-300 calls a day in my cheap cellphone from straighttalk, and a desire to know.  His name is Scott, from Illinois.  A Powerhouse teacher and mentor without trying to be…….he was a broker and broker agent from start and allowed the months of no revenue because I wanted max rates for my drivers.  Refusing to compromise because I knew who brought the value to the table and who paid my check at the end of the day……  Make them happy and you will never be hungry, no matter who wants to take from the plate.

He layed the pathway and foundational guidelines for the basic knowledge and understanding of a business shrouded from the ones that should be instructed.

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