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  1. Do you write everything?   So Far, Yes —It is all written by me, except Lot Lizard Lisa.   She actually writes her’s as well.  I have opened this up to allow outside Content with Author Credits for work, however we do not wish it to be published elsewhere, so that is why we retain publisher’s Rights to all our content.  We want original works, not published elsewhere.

  2. What was your favorite kind of operations?  Well, I always having my own business.  However, the stress has gotten to me a few times.  I always enjoy watching others build their fleets, under my guys and myself.  It is always a great thing seeing Operators become true small fleet owners.  As an Operator; I would say — RGN, was my favorite  with at least 6-8 axles, however I loved Class A Towing and Operations, as well as Asset Recoveries—Long hours but when it gets time to Recover Assets—I am not bad—Never done a plane, but anything else has been recovered a time or two by me.   Rollbacks were fun when I got to do the accidents, something about flipping a car over after a wreck stopping all traffic was probably the funnest thing I did.   OTR Car hauling is fun, and challenging.  Reefers was where I really learned to back a trailer.  If you have a hard time backing, a reefer for 6 months will make you a top operator…..of Course, back up those 12 axles—-

  3. Who Taught You the most?  Well, I hope this is what you are asking for:   Everyone has something to teach someone.  Be Humble, is my best suggestion.  The ones that want to teach will appear and can teach you so much.  The older wiser ones are the ones that give the most and best guidance, in my past and present.  I will always be grateful for my mistakes, those are your best teachers.  Watch and pay attention.  The older drivers that are always riding slow, been trucking for 30-40 years.  Those guys are the ones, that you better listen to for advice.  They made more than one career, operating across this country.  They always ride around, and make sure everyone else is ok, alright, and usually are on the back roads away from everyone.   I have found most drive the nicest setups, and can show you ways you would never imagined across the country, not only trip knowledge, but saving money in operations, and telling you when you fucked up, Most come on a leg of a trip, but you can always pick that voice out running and get a “hollar” back in response, cause they remember you like you remember them…..

  4. However, tell you how I learned to operate a rollback.  My friend married this man who has done a lot of stuff in his life, wise beyond his years.  This guy, has worked for one operation for 20yrs …….Then started his own operations.  If not the best, I’d tell you your full of shit!  Told more than one who the best was—-Arrogant asses–Like I was gonna say them, Get the fuck out of here.  No one would hire me to let me run towing and Heavy haul, everyone wanted experience….”I could drive a Class A 18 wheeler, yet I need experience, for towing and heavy haul–what the fuck—Like a catch 22 to me; Then how do these guys already here get experience.  No one would help….I remember Asking him and Asking him to let me ride with him just to learn–He knew I could drive, Watched me Lose a Real Estate Company, His wife was my best friend—When They got married, It was like– him and I became friends, I helped him build their house at night.  He never to this day, let me drive his trucks, and I have even borrowed a Wrecker to help him place his body on one.  Finally, I don’t know if his wife was finally like, “He aint gonna stop asking until you teach him”, or “The fact I was allowed to move into their home on the far end of house, when I lost a business”—This man took me to work with him for 6 months, operating his truck with him, every day—learning how to tow, before he would go vouch for me at a tow operation.  Here is the kicker.  I never did without, however Never once did he ever have to pay me.    We would sit in the truck all day and talk about life, why he does certain things, why he only works like he does, his past experiences Doing Paint and Body work, his family that are up north.  To this day, he is my mentor, advisor, and friend–No matter our distance, location, I know he is only a phone call away…..

  5. What is your favorite truck?  Owned–  My International Eagle 9900i, Caterpillar motor, it was Exported when I sold it.  It Was my favorite owned.   Class 8-  Gotta be a Peterbilt, with Tag Axle, RGN with 4 axles, gotta be Custom- I love the art.  Recovery- Snatch Truck —- Hot Shotting- Dodge Right now—but I love a 7.3L–Turbo——-Car hauling Hot Shot,—– however I like a 9 car over a 5 just due to the unhooking to load…..3 Flat on a hotshot, and a 4/5.  Wreckers I loved driving a freightliner with Zaclift….however, if I can talk someone into letting me build one, I think I would use a Long wheel based International, I am going to say 2005-2009 International Eagle with Zaclift and Custom built rack around the lift would be the one I would enjoy building, just cause I have seen that Dark Green Metallic they had and I remember seeing one on a Copart yard, trying to get someone to partner on that one……….It was a nice Eagle to build one out of………. 
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