All across the interweb, we are finding articles about these new services like Convoy, and Uber Freight.  Talking about how they are going to be taking the brokers out of the system, and replacing the “Brokers” with these systemic computer algorithems that revolutionize the computer, trucking, and technology sectors all while creating a more efficient system for the industry and ensuring quality higher ranking results for the whole industry just from their tehnology that they supposedly possess.


Here are the Convoy- Terms of Service Agreement—TOS for Convoy!


Read them very carefully!!  Wait I’ll give you a few minutes go ahead!!  Seriously!


Now check these from Uber Freight–Terms of Service Agreement—TOS for Uber Freight


Will someone please explain to me how these “authorized Freight Brokers” per our rules and regulations will be doing anything other than what the standard brokers of today do?  The only difference is that they will be almost fully automated, and already have a stupid ass following—just because of the Public relations, and massive amounts of investment capital.



Now understand, that a broker is a matchmaker.  They would operate way more efficiently, utilizing the computer technology intregrating within the system.  Yes, fully agree.  However, what the hell makes any of you think they will not be profiting more off the freight?  I do not see a clause where it states they will be taking a guarantee flat rate of say 15% on each load, Do you?

The difference between them and JBHunt; is at least JBHunt tells you right to your face, on their brokerage division webpage, that they “take 30%” off each load brokered.  Period– do not negotiate, or cry, just take it and move the damn load, cause you are making less than the owner operators typically leased to the standard carriers at 75% of the haul.  At least as their Owner Operator you have the chance, from my understanding, to earn 100% of the fuel in pass through.

These so called industry professionals who consult, whatever they consult within, talk big talk and hope their bullshit will stick cause they just go a huge payoff from these headliners to request articles and writeups on how the technology will rid the industry of the brokers, not even mentioning to the unknowing public that these “technology sector plays for truckings bright future”  are nothing more than brokers with large checkbooks,  have no public oversight because of the great public relations, a mass invocation of the truckers and carriers, who do not know how to pay attention and realize they just got hoodwinked, by those flashing words on paper and the —– computer………they believed the bullshit without the mere thought of confirmation, much less taking a minute to say, “Wait——they look like brokers, acting like brokers, smell like that broker bullshit as well!”   No Pun for you brokers out there.  However, you do know and understand what I am putting down, Right?!?!

First off, How can they be removing these “swindling, human personas” as they have been called by a few… invoking a human driven technology that just has the media attention and popularity………Hello, They are Authorized Brokers!!

People still control the bottom line…….it is inevitable……humans will not be taken out of the equation fully!!  Someone still got to make the money—so it can be spent!!


It is nothing new.  The shippers are going to push for the low, Carriers have to push for more-Higher; the difference is maybe throw in a equation for the computer to set rates at a set percentage on every lane, due to the criteria of supply and demand, and how the need to move the freight will force the shipper to a higher amount of payment.  Ensuring profit for the one controlling the lane…….the computer technology owner.

Just sitting here thinking about it—-

If I knew I could by some chance work the broker–human form— for a few extra points my way—knowing that the he was still clearing say 20%—What makes you think that Uber will not do just like they did, “revolutionizing”  the rideshare industry and decimating the taxi business.  Anyone want to guess their percentage for being a public carrier????  Yes I said it……I call it like it is……They are operating a bus/charter business, Taxi or Not—-Anyone of us “regulars” start a business like that, and we would be shut down faster than “Money Maywhether reading “The Wealth of Nations.”  Call me a liar!   Ill wait!!

You can’t; cause you know I am right!  All they did was wave some damn money around in Washington, bypassing every damn law, rule, regulation, and even opinion of public carriers-authorized or not— told the law makers what they needed to agree on; then, POOF!!  “Oh no they are not a public carrier, they are a technology company, ensuring and filling a public need and desirable overwatch, coverage, and proper inspections—–”

As they say up in Long Island—-GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!

We can see it going both ways, could be good, could be bad, without anyone knowing anything or actual proof–no matter who says what!  Ensuring what that technology can bypass the rules, and can ensure 65% of the loads will not need a person to function any part of the paperwork-less technology……You Got me there.  I fully agree, using the api’s are the way to go for the standard today—it would help everyone!!  Yes, you got me on my next point as well!!  No shit, a computer that processes entries will be faster, more efficient, less conjection, without errors–thereby giving the owners–5x the output in the time it takes a “regular broker” to complete 1–they will make 5…….not only making more money, better efficient deliveries, and greater margins to the Broker Owners……….No shit—Sherlock—-Not bashing that one bit!!

However, look at the typical Uber “ride-share.”  I have ridden in them a few times.  Along with Lyft.  Both are providing the same taxi service only by lower rates, and unqualified drivers-for the most part!!—Being the Operator that I am—-I always ask drivers, what the fees and costs are from each of their–providers…….

Uber —- all I can say is—- standard carriers pay to the owner operators—like the contractors you utilize, only lawfully in the trucking business they are owner operators with big trucks—75% of the gross, average, to these contractors nationwide.  From the numbers I clearly saw——from the 20 or so drivers of the Uber services—Cough*** Cough**** “rideshare”—- All these people were paid between 50-60% of the gross……….How many carriers would love to get those contracted rates with owner operators????

Shit– sign me up  as well—-I am not above it!!  I like profit like everyone else!!

However, when you take unknowledgable, unqualified people–show them the dollars and cents—-they look fine to them, because they can make their schedule fit for them……plus ride around all day—-for way less than the professional does–or would—-Hence, why you just pulled the wool and got the cheese—–BRAVO!!BRAVO!!!

As far as the supposedly governmental agents of the people and those who are the registration personnel……You all fucked the boat on this one!!  Even my 8 year old kid, understands that the Uber is nothing but a taxi–without the rules and regulation instilled upon those of us that are of regular society!!  Congrats—-For the People —Right!!



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