I have discussed the Pilot Truckstop investment of Mr. Buffett:  Buffett’s Investment

Now I would say that the Investment looks like it is turning itself inside out—-Sweep it under rug—-I figured it would have been better than this—-I still say another truckstop brand would have been a much better investment—–After reading the article below—I would even say that —-now; my choice would have definitely been charging the fast forward now!!

Through my common gander of industry news sources, this article needed to be shown:

The Pilot trial taught us how trucking has weaponized data

The unfortunate thing is that this reflects upon our industry by the one’s who have been profiting off our sweat and tears…….The very large corporate being that has become Pilot Truckstop’s—Really is just as toxic if not worse—to our industry—–

The dark horse really only sucks the industry dry——-Declare what—Buffett could have spared himself a bit by simply — putting himself in the shoes of the direct correlation customer—-Truck Driver’s……

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