Alright, you got your CDL, and your heading to your truck.  Get in, put in your bag, and check everything before cranking up to leave out.  This is what I recommend to have in my truck, before Pretrip, and Warm up, for every trip, always on standby.

  1. Rand McNally Road Map Trucker Edition
  2. Tool box, with most common tool sizes for the truck and equipment, spare fuses, spare bulbs at a minimum
  3. 5 days worth of clothes, with a minimum Gal of Water stored.
  4. Jacket and hat
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Ink pens by driver seat, dash and in the bunk area.
  7. Safety helmet and boots stored with vest.
  8. Road Snacks
  9. Coffee Cups, yeah you truckers know what I’m talking about…….
  10. A few Books to read, some like magazines, video games, tv and movies, what ever you enjoy….
  11. Laptop
  12. Good Cellphone with Solid service nationwide
  13. Internet, either mobile Data connection, or service at the truckstops via subscription.

That pretty much it….That is my must haves for a new driver, as far as personal gear, that you may need.


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