Since we have promised a full line of State Marijuana Transport Articles, discussing authorized states issuing licensing.  We decided that these Need to be based on the Rules and Regulations individually–by State.  As of now, we have seen a few different styles of state regulations, however, with this new found legalized, legalizing, and decriminalization — pretty soon we may not be able to keep up with the process and procedure for new, updates, ect:  WE DEMAND YOU SHOULD SPEAK TO A COMPETENT LAWYER IN THE STATE OR LICENSED BY THE STATE WHICH YOU SEEK TO OPERATE WITHIN.  WE DO NOT AND WILL NOT ENCOURAGE ILLEGAL SHIT, YOU ACT ON YOUR OWN BEHALF, AND ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR UNDERSTANDING AND FOLLOWING ALL LAWS THAT APPLY TO YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS………..DON’T BE A DUMBASS–



Oregon Department of Transportation
Motor Carrier Transportation Division
3930 Fairview Industrial Drive SE
Salem OR 97302-1166
Phone: 503-378-6699

Oregon has a FAQ-  Recreational Marijuana Page


Licensure in Oregon has some rules:

State Motor Carrier Transportation Division —- IntraState Authority— I always recommend due to liability, all new carriers have at least $1 Million in Liability Coverage, in Oregon Their minimum under Small Fleet Vehicles under 10,001 lbs shall have a minimum of $300k in Liability Coverage.   Cargo Insurance is set at just  $10,000.  For the Smaller Carriers, such as authorized for Marijuana industry—This Covers your loads up to this value…..However, as most already know—$100,000 is considered standard Federally for Cargo Liability Coverage.

Oregon has placed no limits on the amount in value of marijuana products each may carry, however it limits the maximum retail home delivery to $3000 per vehicle at a time –it should be noted that if you insurance only covers $10k in Cargo–now considering that we profit by picking and delivering cargo—-I highly recommend a higher cargo value so that you can fill vacant spots and additional weight to maximize earning potential…..if your total cargo is over 10k in value,  You WILL NEED MORE CARGO—–IMMEDIATELY—-do not take the risk of losses from ignorance of ownership—-guess who’s writing that check if it happens?  For some more additional Coverage—over your Primary Liability and Cargo Policies—Look into an Umbrella Policy–

Under §387.309-  Self Insurance is available—-Investors should look into funding—Self Insurance properly performed and under the watchful eyes of legal and advisors—can be beneficial to both investors and transporters seeking to act in accordance with safety, diligence, loss prevention, ect.

Oregon does require all in the industry to use the Cannabis Tracking System



More on how Investors and Owners of Marijuana Transportation companies can benefit all in this Exciting and Important service providers…………


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