We smoke, We cuss,  and Everyone of us are drivers with more than 5 yrs under our belt, most average career length is 26yrs and we all have some fun doing our joy, note we don’t have JOB’S.  Building fast as we can move, then dragging owners in our direction.

We do shit cause we know we all are going to make it, and find the freight cause we hustle.  A Hustle is the backbone, and belief in the best system, and build it around the brotherhood, the Steel Horse We Ride.

Mad mother trucking, We all are a few loose screws up top….

Believe this!   We all grown folk around here.  Be mindful, and learn a few things from the drivers hollering at the dispatchers!  Of Course we have drivers that need to be taught,  and broken from the crowd mentality, or structure that you never realize, Handles vs Actual names between buys and sells, Due to Code and Team work for Say —A Triangle Short Run.

LTL route in out and pays 5.25 in and a 3 a mile out.  Fuck what you think!  It is the cheapest client because we all know each position so well that we know when the client had 4 stuck south to north 1000 out based on conversation of two callers in to lock the board off, and cause no freight to pass for 4 minute mark ……Yes,  you can control a lot of shit with a few healthy guys,  all on the phone doing the recruiting or sales, or the customer factoring and dedicated routes.

Buy Side, Sell Side and take all the clients until you can’t finish paperwork, then teach a man, then build the man, solid footing, at the same rate 10% flat, and bonus of numbers over xxxxxx or$1,000,000 cash bonus if two brought in at margin upon clearing were closer to the 15%  after points payouts, and time costs.

Why tell you this?

A)  Our operations speak for themselves.

B)  Transparency to our Customers (trucking carriers) is more important to my own personal views and profits, than the skirting of a few deals to lose my guys…….(They are my guys, we build these guys from drivers of meaningless knowledge to the dangerous asset, that is quick on the gun to laugh when a broker or some dumbass, brings a $3 quick offer to the table……

Laughing cause they just call me say name and number and we act like vultures dive bombing this prey already dead on the pavement, and being devoured…..Never letting up until they pay more than that cheap offer behind my back to my guys.)

C)  We are here to keep our guys long term.  We think a shady driver or owner may be trying to come in for a quick bite, we take care of that internally.  They either make it or break.  Either Go or NO Go.  We aint here to pat your little ass when it gets tough.

D)  We are here to build for our clients.

E)  We are here to improve daily

F)  We are here to teach these guys what their former Carriers refused to offer them……..

G)  We are here to Make money for everyone

That is why we open our doors daily.  That is why our operation finds and maintains our clients.  That is why when the fuck bitches show up and try to grab what they can then run; our teams typically catch the slimy shits, and typically show them what usually closes in 6 months or less.  Sure we have our slick stack, and if you are ever in the pile and trust this there is a reason; we don’t just put them in the stack……….I pity those wanna be’s, because 5 guys a few cans of cola, and phone calls that can choke a freaking hippo, can cause a lot of heartache for a small operation, really going from dispatch to dispatch trying to grab a straw of survival.

We are building for the future of our industry, the days of cheats, and dishonorable acts of business ethics within our network is

A)  Screened for potential dishonorable acts

B)  Not wanted in our future

C)  Quickly shows, whereas the guys knowing it only takes time and solid teams, to build a better future, they understand clearly our defined future,

We believe in our principles, Vision, Mission, and the unrelenting dream of returning our industry back to the honor it once had.

We all know Action speaks louder than words.  We stand for that.  We act as if, Our drivers are the best, because they are the absolute best.  We stand for our clients, their profits, and the mission of moving more high priced freight  than anyone.  We do not shake, move, or accept second best.  We do not do favors, because If my driver accepts any risk, for pulling your freight as you chose or needed; then guess what you can pay that man his fair wage, plus anything else, like downtime, time for extra DOT Safety checks, and any right that my guys have to issue or bill you for due to your lack of patients, and unrelenting concern for the drivers abilities to earn a living.

Promises that will and do happen any and everyday, one of our guys are stuck in a door for 4 hours.  Forget to pay that detention.  How quick do you think it takes us federally, as well as locally, to get in that fat business account and collect by judicial order………….. All by simply making a phone call…………….no need to trash your name, you done that as far as I am concerned…….

“Don’t worry, you won’t be the first, nor the last,” I come with a list of people who closed their doors when I left.  A list…….  90% of them, was done in by their own hands, due to lack of knowledge, unacceptability to say someone other than themselves were right, and plain out arrogant disrespectful practices.

Hey, ya’ll……yep, ya’ll know who I am talking about, and those of you who find this after the fact……..All I can say is, “I told ya.”  Bet if there is a next time, ya’ll will listen, huh?!?  Oh there are a few waiting in line, still chugging, but their drivers working for $15 on a $215 run, you too will soon find a few others, but the lacking of proper training, and without proper  guidance and view of a future, will destroy your greedy ass, I promise.

Keep working the unacknowledged into the dirt.  Keep padding those invoices to your major customer.  AGERO and a few others.   You will run yourself dry and broke soon enough……..Promise.  All by your own hand, and because you made your choice to keep everyone down while you raked in the chips, without seeing the clear vision, and mission to better the industry …….  Guess you didn’t listen when the closed business you tried to buy, didn’t accurately warn you, that when we (the team) completely left, so did all the business that kept them afloat…….

Surprise, There are no secrets!

Electronic Log Books-

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