I know it has been a while… I have been busy working on some projects. However, this morning while I starting to write in my deal journal— I found myself pondering the Transportation Industry and Banking within the industry–

This niche of Banking that I foresaw is underutilized, and I still am not sure why the direct under utilization of or within the banking industry, however a few things came to mind–

  1. Credit worthiness of the consumers in the industry…. During my stint as a Commercial Truck and Equipment Salesman–I noticed that either the customers buying equipment had “Exceptional Credit”, or they had “Subpar Credit”–It was almost like there really was no middle ground. The more I spoke to other finance professionals I found that they tend to agree with my own findings.
  2. During the Current Economics of the Nation–Trucking is still going– a necessity– Recession proof — of Course not– but definitely a Essential for the Nation. This would guarantee long term- great outlook for the service industries that help and assist the “rock Star Essentials” that keep this country going.
  3. The amount of space for the Bank would double or triple the size of the standard bank– in order to cater to the industry Professionals- Giving Room for parking for autos and trucks.
  4. Banking would need online and offline, and would need to look into additional services to provide to truckers- Satellite Internet so the truckers can access their accounts via their Trucks–came to mind. Financial Education to give better credit worthiness overall finding them true improvement to help them in their lives. Direct Deposit of course, along with Auto Bill Payment options- To help them better manage their life and livelihoods for the future.
  5. Strategic placement Nationwide- I would look for locations at or beside major truck stops- This way the target industry is clear– and would allow local access to these Truck Stop locations to deposit direct with our bank– minimizing the risk of bank deposit mishaps—ie. theft, ect. My first thought was I80 and Love’s Truck Stop Alignment– however for the best success I would want the most viable locations for maximizing deposits NATIONWIDE.

The more I have thought about this idea this morning– I am not sure if a Credit Union or a Bank would be best for the future of the operation. Currently as I am writing this everything in my mind is pointing to

Interstate Bank and Trust”

Strategically, I foresee a network of Banking both Online and Offline, located beside or at least close to Truck Stops; which could be utilized to assists with parking for the Bank, but also provide ATM services to our direct Alignments for the future development. Giving Safety of Banking to the Industry and Service needs of those who make our Industry the best in the world.

We would be aligning ourselves with the most necessary and needed industry of any country. World Wide Interstate Bank and Trust could take this idea to the industry around the world. Giving the Transportation Industry from Ocean liners to Airlines a direct lineage of a specific Bank for the Professional Operators World wide.

Simplifying the One Stop shop of banking, investment, lending, for the industry that MUST NEVER STOP!!

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My opinion is Financial literacy must be taught to the operators to help them learn to manage their career and life through proper credit worthiness training, implementation, and give these HEROS OF THE WORLD, must better standing and backing for the future they provide for us all…..This includes RIA, Series 65 advisors in house to help these professionals whether they are Carriers, Truckers, Agents, Dispatch, Investors, of the industry as a whole….to help build a strong base for future success….

Where do I go from here with this– how can I build this for the industry.

My thought on this is present the idea, and when the deal is right, the right professionals will present themselves to come forward and build for the industry– by the industry……

To Our Future, With smooth roads and clear direction ALWAYS forward

NoName 4-29-2020


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