I have been lucky to be graced with not one but two REAL Mechanics—true craftsmen of the field—Mechanics truly are the lifeblood, doctors if you will, of our mechanized industry…..they keep us moving when things break.

They are rarer than you could imagine.

I have been in Shops across this country–and even stopped someone from changing a tire or two—because they could not answer a question that I knew the answer to………..

These are my signs that someone is a REAL TALENTED MECHANIC–

  1.  They can usually answer a question off their knowledge bank that most would be fumbling through.
  2. They are commonly called to pick their brain.
  3. They constantly read and digest articles and operational books put out by the leading manufacturers.
  4. They can fix anything they desire.
  5. They will recommend product or service for the customer not for their pocketbook.
  6. Their tools cost more than most people’s home.  Tool Bills over $80k is not unusual.
  7. They Love their craft, and only want the best for their customers.

REAL MECHANICS– are a rarity.  I got lucky, and had two that taught me when I was just a kid……just wanting to help…….I can say—seeing the current mechanic pool–most are wrench turners or parts changers.  No desire to become better and reach true mechanic status……..however although rare, Mechanics do appear.  I have met a few along the way—-most,  if not all will gladly tell you that you give them more credit than deserved……….

Modest within an industry that see’s mechanics towards the bottom of the spectrum just due to the sheer messiness that comes with the job.


When you find one– Listen they will not guide you wrong—they will give you their best knowledge as long as you are gracefully accepting of the guide or help garnered…..You never know what they may just teach you.  Always accepting never relenting.

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