Well this year 2019, I thought I would do something a little different:

First off Happy Birthday Lovebug!


With a Name like Dynasty you have got to be a princess!

How and why I named you Dynasty.  Well the joke around the table, was that I was always going to build my very own dynasty; and just as in the ancient chinese history of such great dynasties, like the Ming Dynasty of rulers; I would have one myself.  These great dynasties were my dream for myself of being the ruling class above others and as such I would always have my very own Dynasty—

So no matter what remember, you are my royalty, my “Queen Bee” …. Like I always told everyone-  I would cannot say that daddy didn’t have his own Dynasty —- You are it– my royal blood-  Rule with your heart, and pursue your dreams of the future.  Remember that no matter what life throws at you, a true leader never forgets their goals, the people they are responsible, and their pursuit of life.

Remember royalty is leadership, and leaders must make tough decisions for the best of others not what they necessarily want….it is not self serving to be royalty, but that which is of true leaders….  Be a Leader, that people look up to and desire to be like…..


Happy Birthday Love

You are my heart and always on my mind


Love Always and Forever


Happy Birthday Hope you like your birthday present!!

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