Management of the fleet:  An inside look-

Fleet managers Dispatchers– Their job is the guys they are managing —-needs of the drivers, trucks, and their coverage.  Something happens-Dispatch carries out finding the people who get the trucks back moving-  With the ELD this is one good thing.  They have precise location and view points of contact—Computers and Electronics are communicatively the one thing that does have a good place in the communication and servicing-  Now carriers can’t call customer and say, “Oh driver broke down, now the customer sees either driver is or is not.”

Innovation Among Additives Now Free Shipping Click for SpecialsNow What you see is the customer knowing disabled and under coordination and getting the Job done-No need for them to even have to bother anyone, everything they are responsible for are under a few look up to confirm–update status—automatic deployment—


Lets look closer at their jobs consist of through the mandatory:

  1.  Mileage Reporting of each under dispatch- for the required.  With Each Load Completed
  2. Fuel Reporting- With all the Load Complete paperwork
  3. Maintenance-  This is mandatory–Do not want any Out of Services, for something stupid like not maintaining your tools.  Or a breakdown due to some stupid bullshit like a front wheel coming off—
  4. Log Books Reported-
  5. Any DOT inspections?
  6. Any Drivers needing hometime?
  7. Who is coming out needing booking?
  8. Drivers date needing medical renewed?
  9. Drivers empty- Needing loading
  10. Freight on the Board-  Drivers who had choice and would not book..
  11. Inbound calls trying to book freight with the fleet
  12. Deadhead percentage
  13. Enroute who needs a safety call from dispatch
  14. Service Vendors and eta on Rollout

This does not include the transfer and payments—through a multitude of different financials—–and calling each factoring agency and insurance——

There is more to this than just answering the phones–When you can just call the factoring agent and lock in structure and payment from others –without the stress——believe you me——makes those long nights and determination over the years pay off.

When the owner of the carrier, comes and says—thanks man-  I appreciate the fact you do not need my supervision-and after 10 years, I get peace when I am out here.  If I need to see my guys you let me know, handle the charges, cover the freight, collections–if ever any, and finally I can enjoy my work……………That makes it all worth it!!

Profit and Losses are easier when you call Accounting.


This is what the Wall Street Asset Managers do not tell you either………..They trade and buy—Financials from the factoring- Credit- and Profit/Losses of each public Carrier-  Everyone has their hand in the sector-  Financials are their specialty.   Insurances as well—-They will buy and sell Index’s—-they base their contracts to the statistical analysis of sectors.  They do not fully understand the industry.  They are just required.  Insurance has key factor—-The require approval of all drivers.  Can’t just hire anyone!!! How bout that one!!  Got to be self-insured for that ease of approval, I guess.

More on that later.



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