Service Providers are an essential to the trucking industry, in all forms.  A Lumper is a service provider, seen at multitude of locations.  They can be at Cold Storages, Warehouses, Grocery Distribution Centers to name just a few.  These service providers are typically, outside owned, contracted for a period of time, 1-5yrs, with the owner of the location.  They charge the trucking company, or the operators, from $125 per Load or Unload, up to as high as $325 per load.  The lumpers, and the Lumper Company, typically split the funds paid via Comchek, Tchek, or Cash.  They know their shit and how to best manage the unload and load.

The downside is that if you do not pay the lumper, they will hand you a set of manual forks, you know the ones with the pump handle that lifts the cargo, and not let you use their nice forklifts.  More reason to pay the Lumper.  I always paid mine, to keep my ass from having to use those manual forks….save my energy.

The great thing about the lumpers loading, is that they know how the weights should sit to make the trailer, easiest to scale out.  No need to do the old fashion calculator, with the axle spreads, some math that is over some of these driver’s heads……I’m just saying….not including deciding will windmilling the pallets work better, with a potential double stack up front….where the single stacks and how the 30 pallets should go…..a lot of calculations and load placement math if you ask me……

My most common phrase is, “Well, since you are the professional lumper, and know how to load these trailers for the best ride; why are you asking me?  If it ain’t right, I’m paying for this, so guess who will be redoing the loading??”  Typically with disdain, and questioning whether they actually know their job in their mind, they will usually start stepping away, because they may have had a few come back before.

These guys typically know their job and are trained well.  Don’t fret over the fee, just know that you are not breaking your back, and losing time…. if they are doing the deed.

Smooth Asphalt, and Starry Nights

Have fun My friends

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