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“…………….. Let’s hope the industry can successfully work with legislators to expand the apprentice program to allow recent high school grads the ability to become interstate truck drivers. With proper emphasis on safety, this can be done. It will be a major fix to the systemic failure that has contributed to the current driver shortage.”

The experiment with putting warm bodies as Interstate Truck drivers in the major’s, worked so well—-That’s me being a smart ass—–however —-but the industry, along with the domestic expansion, maintaining the expansion, and boosting the economy through our blood sweat and tears.
Well, Sir——A few responses—–to fulfill a short version of an answer via comments—two to be precise—-plus they were shorten, so they would let it be posted……..
  1. Kids between the ages of 18-21 do not need to become a Interstate Operator.  During this time frame, majority of the younger generation are trying to become themselves—If that is what you call it.  They are growing up and just becoming “Free” and really experiencing this “freedom.”  They are not quite ready—IN GENERAL—for the responsibility, demand, and a full time career move such as trucking.
  2. The younger generation, will come, and while some may stay—-most will not make it past the 3 yr in service mark, as it is currently——-Much less will be retained–especially if the market brings these “wet behind the ears” kids into the field—–to fill some seats.
  3. Take a kid, just turning 18—–been told what to do, when to do it, and where he/she had to be at any given period—for the majority of their young lives—-they just get a fresh taste of freedom—–then, BAM!!!  They take training to become a Interstate Commercial Driver—-Many will wash from this one demand—-They need to experience a bit—before they are responsible for the Public’s Freight!!
  4. Currently, most–if not all states, allow an 18 yr old to become a Intra-State Operator.  This is the best training period for them to experience life–although–semi local—–and become responsible enough to not have to be watched every minute of every second they operate.  This area —–if you are looking for a good proven training area; to boost numbers, is the area you should culminate and concentrate on for future workforce.  It allows the up and coming to still be able to experience life and become a responsible party.—although, some will still need a few more years past this initial 3 years they can operate close to home from 18-21 to become responsible, with supervision that is closer to the availability of someone getting them in case of unforeseen troubles, that we all know can happen.
  5. With these prior being, as it may—Nowhere is it being said that a program of this nature, to bring 18 yr olds into the InterState Transportation Industry as Operators, would be unsuccessful—-Not at all—With proper training, safety, and SUPERVISION—Yes, a successful program is likely——-but who is going to say what proper SUPERVISION-Training-and Safety is with the younger generation—who, by the way, is just getting out from momma and daddy’s winglets of protection?
  6. Responsibility of an operator is way more than what the public can see—any CEO can see—and rarely do many care.  Considering that most businesses will go out of business if we do not deliver, Insurances would charge a fortune to insure the younger generation—Are you willing to put a youngin’ on a 500k value load for delivery—much less loading, unloading, and ensure proper operations to the destination…….Hell, I’ve had shippers question me, with over 5 years in the seat—while I was hooking up the machine to the crane for rigging………just saying……much less the phone call to dispatch asking them if they have a mental breakdown or something due to the kid—coming to move their $500,000…….
  7. “Major Systemic Failure-”  The major systemic failure is from the current status quo found in our industry–from the gutters of LA, to the Carrier CEO’s–earning a buck from every single charge back to the driver, down to the crooked, and low life that steal and robs from the drivers, operators, Carriers, and fleets—This is the systemic failure—–You want to change the systemic failure, then start by helping us change the Status Quo that we find ourselves locked into…….all in the name of the all mighty dollar, without a concern care of anything for the ones that are making that dollar for all those above us……..Obviously you see it, you just are not sure where to look—–try past that computer screen, or past those CEO’s and upper management’s paperwork they have discussed with you in the past……..

Consider this for a moment—What happens when the youngin’–that is what we call ’em in the South—has an accident-or — any other variety of things that can and do go wrong.  What if they accidentally run over and kill someone?  Are they going to be left out to dry–like the rest of us?  Is the public going to give some legality exemption to the kids—for the participation in the program——What about the Carriers?

Granted—-Yes, at 18 they can join the military and go serve this country, yet cannot have a simple beer, until they are 21—–Yes, that is a burden, that brings responsibility for the unit and country before themselves.  They are full fledged in the NOW—Is what I would call it—–Supervised until they are capable of leading others beneath them, and then still supervised……..just saying………

I can tell you—-I thought I had ran over a lady in Chicago—She was in a Gold Cadillac, …..Downtown Chicago—Merge onto I-80, I was in the traffic—-She was merging—-I remember seeing her eyes lock with mine when she realized it was too late—–Still to this day—-even though I didn’t run her and her car over with the full 80k gross weight—-That shook me up for a bit of time——scared the shit out of me……What will these kids do—Abandon the load and truck—ruining their possible career?

Call it as you may—-

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