I am certain you all see the effects and affects of the Internet to our industry.  Even though we are known to behind certain curves of innovation.  One thing is certain, the Internet is changing the industry in leaps and bounds.

Qualcomm has been a pioneer of the truck tracking and electronic abilities of the fleet for operations, efficiency, and assisting management with finding the critical just in time needs of the fleet and its whole situational awareness.

The major thing is that the Internet is assisting in the growth of carriers by giving access to unprecedented amounts of freight that was typically not found unless you knew someone.  Website services such as Internet Truckstop, DAT, 123 Loadboard, amongst other like Posteverywhere.com, and others.

Back in the beginning up through the early-mid 90’s, either you knew the customer, they knew you, you contacted them via phone and or fax, billed via USPS, and were paid weeks later.  Everything provided via the snail pace, and limiting the availability of the small carrier to grow their business by the phone fax and snail mail systems.

The internet has now allowed the small guys to move the freight once limited by the big carriers, through locking in the customer base to different tricks on contractual agreements, and keeping the customers and outside carriers apart through blocking of contact.  These internet freight service listings found on these web technology websites, have become like a sales force on steroids compared to those carrier sales forces of days past.  They enable all to book freight anywhere, anytime, 24/7 , if allowed.  Allowing customers instant access to trucks available to instantly compete on the freight lanes needing booked.  A double sided blade if not mindful and careful with the operations needed.  Assisting in lowering the rates due to increasing of availability to move loads.

The internet also provides technology needed to operate instantly instead of saving paperwork and waiting days to weeks for processing, which now due to the internet happens instantly today, typically can be funded from customers with 48hours of delivery and invoicing.

There is also a darker side. Carrier Safety records are insight instantly, allowing anyone to see the overview of any operation as related to the regulatory agencies over safety, registration, and inspections.  Showing violations clear and instantly within hours of completing these necessary functions of regulation.

The Increase in speed and efficiency of booking, movement, payment, and service, also have helped create the all inclusive just in time, instant gratification societal shift which brings anything dock to consumer within a 3 day period of time, anywhere in the United States, and anywhere in the world.  This dangerous shift, causes areas to be without consumable necessities after that period unless delivery is resumed.  Less  inventory, higher turnover, with greater profits.

Carriers also have instant access to vehicle computers to diagnose the vehicle for maintenance, breakdown, and shop repairs prior to contacting needed suppliers of services during those periods, giving the technicians and solid in the know of the vehicle systems they are going to service enroute.  Efficiently speeding the technological and needed repairs, to prevent excessive charges for needs of a truck on the shoulder.

Cellphones are the internet and efficiency, bringing the technology of running operations instantly without input of the user, performing those mundane requirements and communications.  Increasing performance, surety, and without mistakes typically found with the required jobs of trucking operations.

In today’s economy, anyone with a smart phone and a few hours can be operating a business, via a few strokes of a finger, couple of payments for business needs, desires, and efficiency through this technology advances.

The internet has caused an uptick in information available causing there to be no hidden secrets, or ways of yester years communication payphone services lacking, nor excuses available for the failures of operations in the past.

whether it is good or bad, it is still in the infancy stages of servicing our industry.  Like it or not,  these advances are here to stay.

beautiful rainy nights and dew fresh on the morning blades of grass

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