No these are not really “hot shots,” like fighter pilots–even though a few of them would want to be placed in such a bracket.

What I am referring to is the type of truck operation that is commonly called the Hot Shot.  They are the small trucks that you see running the diesel pickups/ light duty haulers; typically found with a flatdeck, or wedge type carrier trailer that is used to run the smaller parcel, expedited, auto, and general freight type needs.

Innovation Among Additives Now Free Shipping Click for Specials  One thing that most notice is that these guys have no sleeping quarters, or off duty location within the typical operated truck such as the F350 SD, 3500 series, dually’s.

These guys live typically Hotel to hotel nightly; Doing the carrier operations that the big guys can not really handle as fluidly and as secure.


These are the typical make up of the HotShot Setup Found running freight:


These guys and gals run as expedited, Auto Carriers, LTL, small equipment just to name a few but most of these guys are known to run the WedgeTrailer setup, which allows runing a 3-5 Car hauler on the back of the SuperDuty style dual rear wheel Trucks.  They can manipulate the tight areas of a neighborhood better and way safer than the standard autocarriers for those neighborhood loadings; and they allow for maximizing the utility usage of the truck manufacturer guideline as well.  Creating a unique profitability structure.

They run under the same FMCSA rules that all authorized carriers operate within the USA; including logs and safety standards.  These main difference being low loading capacity, ability to navigate tighter areas for loading and unloading.

The amazing thing that I noticed about a few of the operations dedicated to the Hot Shotter; typically boast a better profitability to costs of operation- without sacrificing the driver nor maintenance for the Carrier.  Quite impressive for the 50% decrease in Cargo Capacity, limited usage on some trailers; and the express services available with freight movements that are accomodating to these smaller operators.

However, a few markets are known to utilize these guys as drive away style operations.  For instance, Boat manufacturers, Dealers ten to utilize them for the power only aspect of delivery- to Dealer/Consumer.  Utility trailer manufacturers utilitize them in the same aspect.  Both provide reasonable margin- for a operator to have some take home, however the money has been shown in the direct shipper contraction of the Hot Shot Carrier.

Utilizing these guys in new divisions can and could provide valuable effective and operational capabililities to the Carrier’s main operation, buy giving additional means for the limited space deliveries they typically find themselves.  Your operation just might have found your new division-  For delivery assistance, Pickup assistance, and their own stand alone fleet customer base—by the way—based on my research their customer base tends to pay at pickup or delivery, and floats it’s own expenses through this instant pay structure associated with your more automotive sector of customers—Which is coming in higher on the credit scale for customers if you ask me.

The only downside–if there is one–extended trip times due to the extra pickup and dropoffs that do tend to frequent the smaller style and LTL style carriers.


Whether you are adding a division, starting a carrier, or just seeking carrier knowledge these operations are not slouching.  They tend to collect fees upfront or at delivery, have a solid client base, show very good Cost to Profit ratios- without the exceeding need of excessive overload on the freight——to top it off—they are known to move some pretty specialized things……OW/OD no worries here.



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