Guys come and say all the time, “No Name, why do you say this——or why teach this_____ first?”  Usually, trying to get someone to see from the other side of the business to where they are needed, and how that corresponds—-typically fall the same lines in the past as it will in the future………….You must start somewhere………That is the only key…….I have never forgot being the guy wanting to learn, and taking years to understand bit by bit…..cause very few and far between will do what I am doing with this website!  I can admit and acknowledge that—everything is geared toward the driver, but nothing is more understanding than the ones that come behind the path—layed…….Some things are for reason, others are because it is easier learned, and others cause it sounded better………..

This is the very First things that I teach or Show drivers about dispatching—

Even when they think they know it!!

These are my first three I like to tell a new dispatcher that is transitioning to Operations! They are pretty self explanatory, if you ask most!

  1. “IT is better to be the last man standing, than the first one out!”-

  2. “Never count out a driver or group of drivers; needing a goal complete!”
  3. “Set your rates, or someone else will!”

Last Man, Demands his desired rate cause he can, The first one is always guaranteed only that rate, and a booked load for the Carrier.  I would much rather wait until Thursday afternoon at 4pm to book, than taking what is offered or attempting to negotiate on the Thursday morning offering…..just saying…..I like setting my rates!  See number 3

Never count out a goal for a driver or a group that is working toward the goal completion!  Underestimate a driver, they will definitely surprise the shit out of you.  Drivers are my horse if they never won a race, cause we as a whole, have been forced to stay in our stations, and not taught the knowledge by the “gatekeepers”—-we are resilient, knowledgeable, and down right driven to a goal accepted or pursued…….ever had someone say, “you cant drive from Atlanta GA to Los Angeles CA in 48 hours!””…….I will tell you how many times I have done it in under 48………….

Set your rates, or someone else will—- If you do not set the rate, a broker, or shipper will demand a rate that noone is comfortable with—-Set your rate, or someone else will tell you where you fall in the line—-for accepting the rate!!

Set what you can, Take what you must, and always ask for a extra $50 more”  50 extra is extra—-it all shows at the end!!

This is my reason!!

A driver with 5 years time in the seat, much less as a Lease Operator/Owner Operator– with additional time–managing……..Can tell you customers they can call that they picked up from at the start of their career and can probably tell you who you have got to call…..with some thought.  They know the paperwork, and they know the logistics of freight from say Boston to Ohio, then to Memphis for a expedited delivery!  Most can tell you estimated times and how long based on time of day in certain areas, how soon accurately they will arrive without incident!

They only need to adjust their office eyes from the driver eyes they have……meaning they understand but the transfer from driver to the office is a bit strange…….it took me a few days to get my bearings the first time around……….That help was not there for me, it was all—learn by doing, if its not right I go hungry and have to deal with a Carrier when I’m hungry—-plus I was not gonna be the cause of my kids doing without!! I had to learn fast—-Cause no one gives you anything!! Believe that……………….When I give you the fist 5 trucks—-either you will make it or it will break you—-Yes or No—-No offense if you walk out and get in another truck—-everyone can’t do it!!

Everyone is always keeping or trying to force you to be in that seat, until you retire…….Most guys do not hit the office until they are either disabled and can’t drive anymore, or they are retired and were requested by a carrier to be their safety officer…….Assets like a driver  can only earn from the driver seat!!  As they want you to think anyway!

Why not let the ones who desire these roles, try and learn?  Cause they might one of the best—Sales, Dispatch, management, even mentors!!  Unless given that opportunity—most will never be realized.

I have found–

Drivers lock in better rates on average once they know what they are doing——–

Their Fleets are better maintained

Their fleets have lower turnover

Their fleets have better margins-  from the higher rates, and lower turnover—

Typically–they better fluidity and functionality due to the sheer un-desire of double working yourself——

Drivers Know what a driver is doing —-they been there.

They never ask someone to do what they would not.

They are better and safer fleets, and mentor better operators in the field

They care about the driver, and will make sure they do as they should

Understand the rules better from both sides

Have less losses from theft —Inner fleet—

But hey don’t take my word for it!!  Find out for yourself—–They may just surprise you!!

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