“Every company is the same, it is just a matter of who’s bullshit you are willing to deal with.”  These words were spoken to me by my closest mentor, and friend.  That one sentence, made more sense to me, after hearing it from time to time, over a period of a few years.   Obviously, I am a little more headstrong than most. Some call it stubborn, but the reality of every business was that they are exactly the same.

He was right.  Every company is the same.  No matter where you go or what you do in any industry.  Each business, Sells something, and gets paid for their service or product.  Period.  They have to have something to sell, whether it is a service or a product(s).  When they sell them, they have customers.   That one thing is the difference in a company, either success or failure.  Either they are selling or they are closing the doors.

With the Transport business, is the same thing.  Each transportation company, must book loads to transport, have the customers pay for the invoice, and complete each load.  The only difference for the people is who’s bullshit you can put up with to work for the ownership.  Are they cheap pricks, who tries at every turn to take a few cents from you?  Do they keep you out way too long?  Are you paying new truck prices, for the used truck you bought?  Do they take from the top, then pay the Carrier side?  Dispatcher a douche’ that don’t have a fucking clue?  Do they think their shit don’t stink….I promise you, it does no matter what they try and tell you.

I guess that is why my mentor just worked for himself, since his first towing company.  His bullshit is the only bullshit he had to deal with at the end of the day.  However, he is the one person, no matter what, can take any customer from any Towing company in the City he is located, a True Professional Operator.  Slinging Chains, and sliding cars.


Just remember, no matter the operation type, From Towing to OTR, it is all the same–The only difference, ever, is the bullshit that you choose to put up with, or deal with.


To the bullshit we all choose to believe……and the secrets they claim they have.

Smooth roads, and Floating Gears

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