This morning as I drove in– I started to think about Elon Musk and how Tesla and Innovation of the Industries especially the innovation of the Industries– that actually transform into multiple industries of innovation through our technological sophistication and evolution.

I started almost writing this article in my mind—clearly– not being able to write my thoughts down–wishing I could just start dictating to a microphone in order to express these thoughts onto paper without hitting the keyboard—

Elon Musk–and Tesla has revolutionized not one industry but now three. Transposing their technological evolution into the juggernaut that is Tesla, Solar City and Now his space company……an advancement in civilian space travel and evolution in its own right—-

Where does this lead and where does it take us

It leads us into the mass orders of the Tesla Semi– while I see why these large orders from major carriers have spur an up most importance to these guys— from potential in savings alone— in my mind in the range of .60 to well into the highs of potential savings of 1.00 per mile—-while this might not seem like much, and while some may not fathom— a single 100 truck fleet of TESLA Semis— could find savings to be into the $5000 per day with only 100 trucks—-in terms of volume— I can foresee savings to the 1000 truck fleets of full Tesla’s—if only 500 are Tesla and 500 are diesel in comparison— potential to be $25,000 per day in savings when comparing the two in vague standards of the today’s–current fleet operations as—just in overview..

It takes us to the one thing, that I believe, Elon Musk has overlooked— While his technology advancements and innovation have spurned an evolution of involvement and forced INDUSTRIES on their head, and spurred to overturn the conventional into the innovative. His Order numbers are, of no concern–while impressive and rather finite in my mind—He is rather forgetting one notion—

Operators of Semi’s must be acceptable to the innovation he is foreseen into the future. If these Carriers cannot get the operators to properly operate and manage this technology— either by force or by desire—while force will get it done—desire to would be best for the usually seclusive and yet unforgiving industry professionals–

Currently I see him as selling the overall–but forgetting that while technology has evolved, the operators who will inevitably be operating these advances are being forgotten.

Neither good or bad; but consider this:

If Elon Musk and Tesla were to get the operators, touching, feeling, operating, and involved with this upgrade—almost to a point of DESIRE– he could evolve with a never ending supply of buys–that would force his need to build even faster and take and deliver to market at the speed of light.

While companies only see numbers of savings–In not all instances –but as a majority—Consider if Elon Musk was to subside in his desire to contain every single business operation in house, and Partner with the knowledge of those more in tune with technology–yes increase in cost–but it would show that — others could produce faster input and results back to the partner of TESLA — solidifying their knowledge and increasing results that would allow TESLA to evolve—releasing energy back to their core component—driving the technology–instead of thinking they can control all aspects—-this would give more time and attention to allow innovation to spark instead of the demeanor and individuality of a demi-god.. Control stifles innovation and I think Elon Musk will soon see what the other Industry pioneer billionaires—are telling him–without coming out and telling him—-so he learns and grows–their way of trying to mentor him— or at least understand control isn’t the industry he is in—and innovation takes a free mind or spirit.

Consider the Leading Brands

The iconic Brand; Peterbilt– While their are not the industries most selling brand– in the sector of Trucking and Ground Transport– they allow the operators desire drive the brand–

This desire drives their sales as the one most desired brand–Ask any operator — that desires to own a truck–90% of them will say their desire to own a “Pete.”

While Freightliner–I consider–as the number 1 selling fleet brand–almost cookie cutter style that sends–fleets of the thousands across the country to mega fleets such as Swift-Knight, Prime, and JBHunt –in order to maximum–quantity vs quality–giving even the starter fleets an easy in—VOLUME BUSINESS to simplify terms for all fleets–

While obviously these are the complete different spectrum of the equation herein— and some different drivers– both have their good and bad–While one seeks the Best -PACCAR– owning both KW and Pete–The other seeks volume being the most seen brand–driven by every driver at one point or another—a commonality if you will..

Why and how real world testing would solve –both aspects–and create TESLA to a Industry Leader instead of a Talker—

This type of test-bed–would force TESLA to perform and show real world detail and innovation–in current market environment—either showing it’s weakness—-like mileage compared to the diesel technology—-especial distance to fill-up–or the ergonomic design of the cab and living environment–as they call it…..but would also give Tesla and Mr Musk—the immediate flaws to improve his design and engineering—

Reality is what good is a Tesla Semi in the real world if they cannot be used over the long-haul? Maybe he is only aiming at the short haul or regional industry currently—-I don’t really know.

While technology is a sensitive subject and he is trying to control the “theft” of his innovation–there comes a time to stop worrying about these uses–and robbery if you would— and getting the technology to the actual operators—those using the technology—But putting someone to say–use in real world to describe to the operators how the technology is being used comparing to the actuality of their current equipment…showing the people who will actually make or break the brand of Tesla Semi—the operators– CLASS A CDL operators!

The one thing I know that will make or Break Tesla

If he can’t get the operators to operate these–and improve and at least find one thing that they like or love—The he will fail!

While I think we all see where the industry innovation most likely in the next 30-40 yrs are heading to driver-less operations–maybe the need for the operators to accept–versus being forced by the mega orders from mega carriers to operate– would provide the transition to the next 50 yrs of the transportation industry.

To Smooth Roads, and Future Dreams

No Name

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