Responsibilities in the industry, are a mile long.  Insurances these days stop many driver’s from moving to ownership of small carriers due to the excessive costs of Operating as a independent.  Add in the additional cost for equipment, regulation, fuel, maintenance, plus many more, which causes wannabe owners, who could potentially add- positively -to the industry, to be forced to stay as the bottom of the barrel for whomever he may be employed.

When the reality is-

The responsibility of everything rides on him, anyway.  If he gets a ticket he is gonna pay it, not the Carrier.  If he loses a load, he will be terminated, and could potentially not be allowed to return to the seat.  If he has a claim, or loss of product, due to say a miscount, he will pay for that product.

Every single thing he does “on behalf of the Carrier” is the drivers responsibility.  Now, let me be fucking clear.  I am not against these large carriers, or even the small carriers.  I’m not against any making profits.  We all do.

What I am against is the motherfucking companies taking advantage of the drivers.  Profiting 3-4 different times on one load to be able to cover a chunk of the bill cause they took a percentage off the top.

Have a driver go to their corporate office and ask to see the Original freight bill, invoiced to the customer…. See how many will be fired, immediately, and shortly after they start questioning….

Hell, they have right to see that if they are paid based on percentage, which I call performance pay.

I have had guys coming to me, personally, that has asked about a multitude of major carrier’s customers that I have done business with in the past.   They could not believe that the major carrier was making more than $2.85 a mile in some cases, while they were paid, 50% of the load pay, that I know they were paid…had proof….I have gotten customers for my guys and gals that way!  Sure, some don’t give two fucking shits, but …

I can tell you how to make a company start caring…… could the drivers quit pulling their freight, and shut a company down….Fuck Yes!!

If you can get freight in and out, the target wouldn’t be in Business Without giving a shit….

Would it ever happen….. You never know!

So these guys, have all the responsibility, yet get taken advantage of by Tom Dick, and Fucking Carrier Harry because the driver has no fucking clue, what really is going on.

Until Fucking Now…..

No more

School is in session… I’m fucking tired of cheap fucking freight, driver’s losing their families, and risking their lives, for fucking bullshit con-artist that have no honor, nor pride in the industry.

The lid is about to be blown off…..


Welcome to the Madmothertrucker Zone!


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