It does not matter the market you are in, being a proven service professional, with a carrier means you did something right.   Customers come to you, no hunting for freight trying to get by.  I have seen guys come in and everyone they meet in the field loves them to death, in the office, they fold cant handle pressure in the office-  Others, “keep that motherfucker out of my facility,…”  Then have that same driver call them and tell them who he is and the guy swears he remembers and he dont really recall it being that bad……….  I have seen and heard about anything.

One thing still stands, dominating a market does take some work and time involved, however after the dedication and deliverance builds and grows the expansion is easy.   I tell everyone, you work together, believe in the mission–I’ll help you get there.  If who you have in the office is not on the phone from the time they sit, until the time they leave—-someone is losing money……

Why?  Cause can’t help the ones that don’t want the help.

Something to try……For the Carriers—

Important Note!

Carriers are a broad topic–Yes —However, fundamentals are the same.  Whether you are a Courier -Courier Service, Fleet Owner, Fleet manager, Driver, Owner Operator—–or Any combination there of—–All of the information I am providing is my information that I feel is and should be used to better those that may need some help.  This no matter what type of provider or industries served—Yes I place my website in the Trucking category—Industry —However Cargo deployment, Logistical needs–in general–the delivery experts no matter their mode—-Motorized delivery—Cause Pat and Moe bark on these feet.  I walk enough—I am not walking to deliver unless Im getting off something motorized and handing a package looking for a signature.  We all do the same thing-  I am what you call an equal-opportunity-profiteer-provider————

100/300 – Additionally Insured—Come on!!  Cargo Van- 5 yrs on the road??  Any market it can and does work.

This Owner came to me via telephone call.  We were discussing doing this to see how long it would take us.  He had 30….32 to be exact contractors- 100/300 various small vehicles-  Wanted to move them from their client-and control a lane-major lane- Good rates in, however —lane rates out: were stupid—Assets were looking to move up and be managers of the fleets in distinct terminal locations.  Owner and everyone happy-  Owner just wanted to stay with his guys in the field.  I had a guy who wanted to open a agency at the same time.   Owner accepted the agent who was moving from Class 8 trucks.  Owner had pockets, smart with his money-Never let anyone have to stop because there was no fuel—–Had a great factoring company–Just needed help building—Owner says Dominate the Lane–I looked straight at him and said, “How do you plan on us doing that–?”  “Take everything until they have to pay my fee-”  Ok- perplexed he just said that to me of all people…..I am always down for a good time——That little team of guys in the office- with me —-Booking the vehicles 24 hours-  We were shifts and everyone was doing everything-  You book them you log them……..I had 2 other people hired in just to help with the paperwork and make sure everything was properly invoiced, filed, mailed……Checked……

Various Stages of ownership gives whole meaning to some people.  Look at the Majors-  Every single one owns a Dealership—150 trucks –Yes Ill order the first 200 and sell them to the Carrier——-Guaranteed Lease to anyone with 5 years.  Yo, Peterbilt- Can we get some scraps down here!!  Navistar–hey  how about 9900i Eagles—Stretched all out- Headache rack -Full Binders–Show Tailfeathers on the ass end.  All with 600Hp- and 18s.  

Now you can imagine–it took us a bit longer to really understand what domination was—Every now and then you have Carriers pop out of nowhere–these guys build—-relentless—-see them pop up 3 trucks showin- 5 vans-  Then 15-50 on the fleet–then another 20 come——these guys are busting the domination move. They pick two locations—Everything in that zone or zones-  Gets taken-  Cause the calm before the storm hits…….When the movement starts to show—-you blow up the phone lines—–keep them cheap some bitches on the phones—-taking the time —-Hang up the phone—Answer with No and hang up——-Dont let anything get taken-  Make sure you tell every call No—–Tell the guys to just chill—-small shit here and there—–They come in to enjoy the show—to see how long we can make big pockets hold out………..When they start seeing and hearing no from trucks that are not scared to be in a “deadhead out zone” It takes a whole new meaning—-This time it was only 5 days-  while his whole team was between two locations——Curiosity kills the cat………As they say

Next thing you know–all the other Couriers in the zone were gone—-I could not believe what I saw—I thought it would take us a month of keeping the others out, what really happened was that the Locals wanted to know how they could learn–drive newer vehicle- maintained-without the headache——Then they were asking us our rate—laughing—It was like yeah–watch this—–We loaded everything we could get on our trucks, ended up leasing on a few extras——We simply requested 10% extra from every single one that called us the following period of time—–Sending the trucks out as we filled—-Call us when you are done……Took us a month to really get going—–but We controlled so much of the front end–Noone wanted to hit us—We were the drivers—-A few of them—went to get a few loads as well that was close to our office.  Just to grab some lunch for everyone and make a few bucks—-shit—Equal Opportunity Profiteer Remember

What really happened?  Yes there were a few more things that I didn’t say……What tell you all my secrets—Grass-hopper?!?…….

Beauty of being in the office—You can still drive–if you want—Learning on the road is tough- unless you can handle phone service.  Not my recommended way to operate–but it can be done.  The next—Pulling crazy shit–that makes even the most brass jambing- set of poundage- curl up to some baby peas and pull that shit off.  Cause someone said it couldn’t be done……….More than one Carrier has gone out of business when I left.







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