What is dispatching?



tr.v.dis·patcheddis·patch·ingdis·patch·esalsodes·patched or des·patch·ing or des·patch·es

1. To relegate to a specific destination or send on specific business. See Synonyms at send1.

a. To complete, transact, or dispose of promptly: dispatch an errand.
b. To eat up (food); finish off (a dish or meal).
3. To put to death summarily.

1. The act of sending off, as to a specific destination.
2. Dismissal or rejection of something regarded as unimportant or unworthy of consideration: [his] breezy dispatch ofanother Establishment fiction writer” (Christopher Hitchens).
3. The act of putting to death.
4. Speed in performance or movement. See Synonyms at haste.
5. (also dĭs′păch′)

a. written message, particularly an official communication, sent with speed.
b. An important message sent by a diplomat or an officer in the armed forces.
c. news item sent to a news organization, as by a correspondent.
Just to have a second definition:
Inducement paid by a vessel operator to a shipper, consignee, or chartrer for completing the loading/offloading operations in less than the allotted time. Also spelled as despatch.

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Mad Mother Trucker definition:

Dispatching-  the art that becomes the guiding and requesting to deliver of any that can be shipped between two locations.  This is the act of inducing a request to move something between the two locations desired by the customers intent to pickup and deliver something of value.

We all have seen this nostalgia and sheer moment, when the true distinguishing and demanding needs of the Carrier; begin to come full circle.  From dealing with the drivers on the road, corporates demand to push more and more without the capacity, the load planners expecting because it is on paper from the Executives–mean while the dispatcher is pacing, steadily pulling on the phone or ear piece, while screaming over everyone and snatching paperwork from the new one in training by the window directing the 4 drivers in the driver’s dispatch area……….

Squaring it all away, to be on call every other, every 3 or4 night, or even every night– from the lack of experience backing the most needed to pursue and direct the degenerates of drivers that conn, manipulate, sweettalk, and try to whoo their way into a more desireable load from the gatekeeper and manager-decider-executive commander——

Description of the Carrier Dispatcher/Fleet Manager Position:

You can say what you want, however the fact still remains-  Dispatching is the Art of Trucking!

It is the harmonious, orchestral, Bach symphony–guided only by the profound knowledge of operations, trust from the drivers and owners in which she glides and twirls them toward the ecstacy of completion without delay, earning their keep by the dollar which she grants, only to look as though the thought of denial is not to question- not even from the receivers and shippers that try to sidestep the dancing chromed out- ballet dancers- guided by what seems a directive of the computer that overtakes them all –to only the desire of the one in control……..

Many do not see the back side of the operations of the position.  The consistent influx and outbound paperwork for the fleet-  maintaining the papers as they must-  organized-  without the simplest of mistakes or misfortune of losing paperwork–which could cost —multiple nights to the dispatcher or manager–because the whole fleet depends upon their safe keeping and maintaining for the payroll processing —  messing that up could cost the operation half or more of the fleet that is managed under their safe guard and keeping.

Let us not forget the fleet of drivers constantly contacting the team, for the next position, next destination, then complaints, or requests-and turn downs because the driver will not touch anything under that $2 magic number——- anywhere——and forget the 3 hours of wait on him to call in for this load—turned down and now have to get him rebooked —-then cover this load booked—-without a single operator within deadhead mileage…………Deal with the customer now cause —-for some reason needs to think=——-“hey mr customer……delightful and calm……nothing too bad, just gonna be a few late—my guy, ………..”  Thank goodness that last driver was a respectable delight=== saved the afternoon– and gave me some time to reroute half the fleet to cover this one!!  It’s a major client-that does not take excuses!! Lose that $12 Million a year account, and the manager —well just say —would not be a first one to be gone!!

Now, imagine 50-150 drivers on one fleet managers computerized board on the screen, earpiece for a phone, that never stops–24/7 two shifts–Day time for the manager—night was for the floating dispatchers….constantly rotating amongst the multiple fleet manager’s within this major carriers–operations center—this way they get a taste of all the ways Fleet managers dispatch they organizations below the main Carriers operations-  within this corporate setting of a trucking Major!!!  I like being the smaller guy myself—-I prefer the personal touch of each dispatcher–handling a fleet no larger than 20—-however my preferred number is 10-15 per dispatcher…..They earn their money-are not killed with too much after hours stuff–and everyone is not stressed, nor are they beyond their limitation……it works out better for the majority of drivers—No number, always a name—sometimes a few dumbasses—but life tends to flow better–house makes money, drivers make money, and no one is killing each other from the unneeded and very unnecessary demands of managing a larger fleet….

Just as described above—The article linked below is from todaystrucking.com

Seen here—Stuck in the middle-the art of dispatching

The article describes the position of the Carrier dispatchers, also called fleet managers.  The centralized spoke in the Trucking operational demands and necessary functionality–garnered typically by the experience and the knowledge of the one that truly can and often  does break a fleet or operation– prior to anyone’s realization- or forethought of their position. Command of the ones that earn every dollar for the carrier from the customer—Not short changing sales department nor any other Sales type position—however, without the drivers ya’ll can’t realize anything on the closed bookings nor the contracts written—-PERIOD!

Dispatch is often, in smaller outfits, the recruiter, sales, accountant, safety, communication officer–down to the babysitter and final authority on the reprimands—-deemed fit for the occasional misfit….-

Trusted and respected from all sides, typically, within the operandi of the fleet—-they can starve you out—or they can run you so hard, that you do not know what day of the week it is……..Believe this!!  I have use 3 logbooks during a trip or two myself—-color coded and all……..a few of ya’ll know what that is like…….finally–I just said–“shit, if they get me–they get me—–it is taking too long to figure the 3 logbooks out—-I’ll sleep when I hit AZ/NM border from the East Coast states somewhere………..If you think it can’t be done—-Ill take you on that bet any day….Sleep 8 at the border, then drive the rest to the Grapevine—Hoping Cali, don’t see those red eyes, blistering from the lack of sleep– shutting for that pause in time before you hit close to the scalehouse light; GO or NO-GO,…….then that one that is always on the by-pass lane, stopping which ever one’s catch his eye–waiting for the write-up—More like begging to earn more money for the state……that is why he was always out there like an eagle perched on his nest–waiting to pluck out the salmon on the crystal clear steam….I always stared that some bitch down, riding by smiling and waving ear to ear, baby—let’s ride–!!

What does the Dispatcher/Fleet Manager Do?

A great dispatcher–will keep the boss, fat-happy-without a care–leaving the fleet alone, while he sits and cashes his checks……I have seen a few like that–retired now; but alway had too much freight….the one’s I knew worked for independent agents of the type of carrier, that utilized an agency style relationship with the agent–acting as a terminal under the carriers numbers-on their behalf, the Agent had a fleet under them that operated for the agent, on behalf of the carrier’s lease agreement.  Those dispatchers–where known to keep 50-75 trucks rolling daily!!  Also the kind you don’t need to be stepping on their toes, cause you would not be the first one that was put out of business for messing with their’s!  Seen a few of them agent’s, gone cause they chose not to heed warning sent by the first firing across the front deck!

These dispatcher’s, also knew how to keep the driver’s satisfied and in the fleet.  Earning their money, then leaving them be during their hometime–ready to roll when they come off the set unwinding, without the stress or the hassles of operating away from home and family–their second home—the asphalt river, that never ends—

Their jobs are the hub or main spoke in the Logistical wheel of Industry.  They are the Customer contact, the Driver director, Accountings guarantor of completion for Invoicing, Safeties assurance of operations, and the Managements trusted fleet advisors and managers.  They maintain the flow of operations- from within the operational side of the Carrier Operation, whether centralized or not.


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