I am not some road scholar, but someone who just gave a fuck…How in the hell did I make it this long in such a cut-throat business——Your guess is as good as mine!?!  In life, I promised myself I would always be me—–never compromising the values of a time long gone.  Where every man or woman stood on their own two feet:  shook your hand and ment what they shook on:  never questioning whether the task was done or not, relentless pursuit for those that are the actual assets of the industry.

When all parties are working together for the common good or common cause of elevating with a single purpose or pursuit, guided only by that which is in alignment with the direction of long term goals of both the Carrier and the Assets which produce the actual profit center(s).  Paying for the additional services, such as commissions for freight booked, teaching the ones who wish to pursuit leadership roles, and allowing the leaders of the industry to Lead and Grow with each other:  Not keeping the Asset Down–but Elevating to a role where they flourish to better the industry and allow them to earn money from the efforts and product they know better than anyone–

When all are in the pursuit and dispatch for the assets-  the House always makes money—however, the respect and dignity —plus the commonality of having all the pieces in alignment toward the goals of improvement and growth–provide vision, mission, and team leadership that is unmatching and unwavering in the goals for today, tomorrow and the future of the greatest needed industry in the world—–Logistics—the transportation and successful delivery of any and all things for the profit and  servicing needs provided for any of those customary and unconventional modes means or travels.

My thinking is like this:

When you dispatch for the Asset–  They make money, you make money, they are mindful of all actions toward the profitable outcome desired, they understand the spectrum from Carrier to the Asset—they share in the purpose—-providing the Asset with ownership of the actions and profits, instead of pursuing with only the profits of the Carrier—Pursuing the growth of our future leaders through management and placement, ensuring growth.  If you are not growing you are losing—–in Business that lack of growth kills a company……

Growth is Verticle—-Long Term Growth is Horizontal and Verticle ——-Replication, to replace oneself with better people with both goals of teaching and building.  Drivers should be allowed to say–this is not working—-let’s improve this —-by allowing Drivers to profit for their work……………..


Too Many think :

Increase their pay—that will help retain the driver…….Give them better conditions……..Give them this and that…..ect.

Get the fuck out of here.  These guys want respect and honor, with a common pursuit………..

Play a fool to catch a fool!!  Drivers understand this, and allow you enough rope


Why Not?

Why Not—-Pay for performance——Show the driver how much money is in the kettle—Saying We got $3.25 per mile on 2200 miles, which is $1 more per mile over—–That extra is Verticle and Horizontal money—–let’s look at the typical flow

Placement of Service Request

Carrier Booking



Factoring and Costs

Asset Payment for Services

Operational Needs

Capital Allocation

Additional Revenue Streams


Carrier Profits



Shipper— Pays Flat Rate—-you can pad that shit how you wish—when it is quoted it is always a flat rate.  Fuel Surcharge is a charge that they say is 100% pass through——Get the fuck out of here……….anytime some money is serviced someone gets a cut……I give two shits —-Factoring, whatever—-Everyone takes their cut.

Down side—Everyone is consciously aware of factors——You take the good with the bad—–anyone says that they got all 100% fire shaking the tree freight—is full of shit……However, when the driver is consciously aware, they say hang on let’s see where we are on the ground.  They start to find freight how they know, by asking, and saying hey I am onsite—-I can pickup and deliver anything…….let’s find the profit—–It is what I did, when I got tired of these stupid fucking people thinking that they got fast shit………….REVELATION of BULLSHIT and Pursuit is a motherfucker…………We ain’t ignorant nor stupid——

Why do you think so many of us, end  up with our own Carriers?  We do not need Carriers to bullshit us—we know the market better than anyone —-because we see the customer, we know everyone is seeking profit—but because we are the ASSET—EARNING PROFITS for the WHOLE SYSTEM——Everyone Lives off our WORK PRODUCT!!



Respect toward those doing versus those that are earning.  Drivers must understand that it is a two way street as well.  With this Common Alignment, everyone is a spoke in the wheel versus just being the wheel.

Three things each Carrier should have :

*Carrier Purpose, Mission, and Principles-  Providing those in the System with Common Pursuit

*Driver Code

*Agreements Between Carrier and the Assets that are in favor of both—-


This is a minimum before you recruit a single driver, owner/operator, dispatch, ect.


If you build it they will come!!!!








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