Carriers come in only two types, Private or Public.  Private runs only their product for their business operations.  Public Carriers transport goods for the general public, as a vendor of services for compensation or hire, Inbound or Outbound via land between two locations at the customer’s request.


***However, just as a note:   public carriers, can include airlines, ocean shipping, in the Transportation and Logistics Industry.  Railroads are also public land based, providers of transportation services.  None are as precise as a trucking company, due to the ability to arrive at any location any weather any time.


General list of Operations that are public carriers in the trucking business:

A) Bus-

B) Courier-

C)  Towing and Recovery

D)  Bulk

E) Construction

F) Auto Hauler

G) Equipment

H) Specialty

I) Reefer

J) Driveaway-

K)  Intermodal-


This is a pretty general list of the types of operations that public carriers will service around each small location.  Whether they are Inbound or Out, for all customers, and destinations around the country, and destinations around the world.  These Operations keep the country in stock with the goods that are needed, purchased, recycled, buying, selling, trading, at any given period, on call, customer’s request, scheduled or not…..It does not matter, Trucking companies touch everything made and transported by land in one stage or another during the process to final consumer, from raw goods to finished outcome product, of any and every industry, and all walks of life..

These carriers are known to operate different types of freight, or specializing in one-they also can have additional types of profit center options like Broker Authority, Freight forwarding, warehousing, Service and Repair, Training, Recruiting, …… We can keep going, but I think you are getting the drift…. Most of the larger Operations do, and very often profit more off the Additional profit centers than they do with the trucking operation.  It has been turned into a Volume based operation style, and Always is one of the highest costs of any operation needing the transport of their inventory.

Transport companies are a necessity.  The country has to have trucking operations, period!  People cannot be without the ground transportation Industry. If all the trucks were to stop, you have at best 3 days before the area would run out of inventory to sell to the public.


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