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I know this may sound strange- however, not too long ago–diesel was the throw away by-product ……. They did not know what to do with the liquid—-

How many of you remember the diesel costing less than a gallon of unleaded…..those old enough know about other forms of the fuel —-Leaded, Low Lead—Now the industry has created an additive—-we from the backwoods, understands and acknowledge the fact we been running that liquid in our tanks more than once in a lifetime…..Yep- Moonshine—-however 10% to that E25 shit ain’t quite like running a gallon of shine……….a little more in the injectors will not hurt a thing—

Hell we were talking about taking a bone stock car and putting 125 shot of NOS on it and get the damn thing running and see if the engine stays together……….or taking one doing Nothing and popping in the ol 250 shot to those bone stock heads……………..See if she makes it past the first 20 ft………..Bet you $50 she looks like a damn roman super cannon doing flips when the shit breaks apart like a coke can with C4.

Aint nothing left—-Where did she go……….

The reality is they needed another use out of this stuff that cant keep piling in-Storing- and left without a single use but to give it away—-Diesel fuel—–

No the Diesel engine was not the reason for diesel fuel—-It was actual a lamp—–Diesel fuel was given away for free, in the late 1800’s early 1900’s with lamps sold from mail order.  They gave you 1 gallon of diesel fuel for free with the purchase of the lamp-  The lamp was really cheap but a metal for long term usage.  When they ran out for the lamps- they ordered more fuel from the Oil company—–bingo—–remember electricity was rare.   No-one would be left without a candle.  Lamp was a cheaper solution-Longer usage –so even if it was 2x the cost of the candle if it lasted 2weeks longer—-the value was achieved.  Make ’em think that they got a good deal, give them away for free—then sell the oil for more after—-they will thank you in the morning for such a wonderful deal—and keep paying for the fuel 3-4-5 times the worth…….

Rudolph Diesel —patented the Diesel engine in 1892, however the Diesel Engine ran off of peanut oil; instead of the Diesel Fuel typically used today-to run his engine design.  wonder who owns those patents today… they still get paid for it.

Someone probably had a hand or two in the intentional naming of the fuel oil—-Diesel Fuel—don’t you see the resemblance……

Hence they saw the clear direction-with powerful results—-Agriculture/Tractors and Industry took open stride–As to the raw power of what the Diesel does, Like Dad always said, “Give me enough Torque, and I can move anything you want, including that mountain.”  Yep, with ya on that one.

Torque and those gears are what move the massive amounts of freight weight, today.  435hp tractor today- can be a truck that moves up to 565hp via computer flipswitch.  We all know what gears Werner Enterprises likes  c15 Cat with 3.23s  You see these trucks everywhere….My International Eagle 9900i had a Cat 3406E —–would have loved to have swapped that to an 18 double over—-but who’s picky…

To today where charges of the by-product reach zones as high as $5 a gallon—-Shit me!!—I bitched about paying $2 a gallon, and gave two shits about who heard me—it’ll go down–OK–I knew the rates would go up—but they lock the carriers down—–its crazy what the cost of gas is……. I could spend $5 and ride most night and the next day—-when I was a kid…….

However this is a product that – although was unwanted–today, the surge of demand, from just the need to support the logistical needs of any location alone with shipments–would surprise even the most of conscientious earthly intuned—–from the plastic that is used for making that backpack of theirs—–even their shoes and just about any thing else made today—-petro——All of it carries a signature weight—-somewhere…….

Ever Wonder how long the oldest contract in transportation existence—still is holding today?  The Oldest one I have been told of is the Caterpillar Inc and Keen Transportation Inc.  I am beginning to wonder how long the contract actually was…I have been told 99years:  with right to extend—-another 99 yr term……….I am sure someone like Wells Fargo: JB Hunt:  shit I do not know—-has got a solid still going contract………..I could be wrong……..Dutch East Indies dont count —–I am talking legit—still pounding pavement with monthly payments, who knows weekly—-

With 3.5million trucks on the roads in the US alone; That is 350Million gallon minimum in transit on the roads- at 100 gallons per average fuel carry.  Let alone the realization that the ships and trains are all sopping up the diesel, to push our international shipping everywhere.  Let alone the other Continents…




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