Did you know?


3 days is the average amount of food—In Most towns/cities—before running out of the supply—
-everything travels by truck at least once, however, most travel 3x per product minimum.—
-Class A CDL Operators—have some of the best driving–safety–operations–of any classification of driver.  (that means your insurance should cost you, at least, 65% less than you are currently being charged FOR ANY VEHICLE INSURED)-  50% of those should be charged 85% less than they currently are paying for insurance—
-Warm Bodies, are profitable–but their risk, outweighs the needs of those we are responsible for while operating in the public, as a commercial carrier.  
-Average Fleet size in the USA is 6 trucks per fleet—–
-Average Driver Age-42 yrs=  However, I’m a bit skeptical myself—I cannot confirm this one—-Would say that anyone with less than 5 yrs cannot qualify—-Commercial—-Qualification must be at least 5 years of operation-  “Got to earn Your Keep If You know What I mean!”  I believe, that if you did this you would knock out the people who may not be here.  They fail to say—how many start and never make it to a “Professional Operator.”  That is not saying people under 5 yrs of Commercial Transport/Operator are not experienced, nor does it say—that you cannot Operate a Carrier–It simply says–5yrs is about where most become proficient operators of commercial vehicles…You know when you get there don’t worry!! 
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