Detention is that ugly “D” word—Everyone wants to be paid, tries to profit, yet is the least paid of all fees from the customer………Most just do not even bother……..Shit Don’t pay my detention—Interest, and late fees are a motherfucker when you just loaded a load on one of mine!!!  Bet that detention is paid one way or another–sooner than later!!  My rates are set based on need!


You can mention that to a facility—cause the truck is hanging like a fresh apple ready to “drop” on Newton’s head again!!  ——–AS A SIDE NOTE——–I am sure that dirty ol’ fucker, is tired of the damn apple falling—does it have to be on his head every time???  You think he would be better at choosing a tree to nap at!  Apple falls everytime—-pretty soon even I know what a damn apple tree looks like—–just saying!———–PUN INTENDED!!!

Back to the situation—–Driver calls and says detention starting?!?  “Yeah—,” I said almost to a point of damn do I really have to call these motherfuckers and tell them—since the last time we had detention–took 6 hours extra to get my guy loaded—-“Calmly-Collectively” I said, pausing briefly—“You know what happened last time?!?  Don’t ya?”  “Yeah, I figured, lelt me guess—they haven’t paid that detention time yet?!?”—-Being the Proud SmartAss I am—Snapping back clearly with definition and puffiness, “Absolutely, just act like it is another day—they are gonna love this one!!”  We hang up as the driver is laughin’—-“Talk Soon!”  click!!

CurbSide—as he is called——Yeah!  I gave that one to him and it stuck, better than his actual handle—-Well CurbSide knew what I had moving around, he done notified the facility of the Detention time starting—That is done.  Now to be patient, and get my guy loaded before I make them pay the past due bill!!—-That is the great thing about going back regularly—-Do NOT pay a detention—See how quick when that load should be delivered to your receiver —–yet, My unpaid Detention Bill—-from the prior loading that took an extra 6 hours, after we told you Detention was starting!!!  Now—you have overdue fees—-and just so happen—–I have done submitted the past due bill—-4 more times to collect!!!

Needless to say—–my guys get theirs—-sooner or later—-but this one is gonna hurt!!!

My driver is on hold—-“CurbSide—hollarin’ as though the desk is 5 down and doors are shut–when he sits in the damn public area in the middle of the office——-

Driver said he has hour of detention—plus another 30 minutes……..estimate—-I tell him,”When you get the green- You get the fuck off that dock, cause they are not going to like this one bit, ……”  COCO—chuckling the whole time, while he is on the phone—–Man—WTF is the deal with being called COCO—–“Man, it’s my handle–I do not know—-it is what stuck!!  Really NoName—Do I sound like a FUCKING COCO?!?”  —Proudly, I state; “Nope, your burly ass 300lb bullfrog in your throat, and then when you actually see your toothpick–hilly billy, white boy ass—most people are taken back—–I actually, now thinking about it COCO does fit well, given the situation!~”…..Pausing—-, “COCO, call me when you are away from the dock—-time and all!!” —” “10-4” CoCo declared!

None the less—-We have had some issues with this customer and detention fees-  First one was $575—4 months to collect—-Second—–$925 —Collected before delivery—-and got the $575 at the same time!!!  Last time—We had 2 @ $825 Each—-and them boys—-got the customer recorded, after getting off the phone with me—cause that was the conversation we had, guess they—–Well!! SO—Yes, I saw these Traffic Managers discussing taking extra time—-because the Carrier was wasting paper billing for detention time!! OH YES!!! Straight up telling each other they do not care how much is charged, this company will never pay–detention!!

Well—-I did get a phone call, saying they were gone—and all invoices with any of my guys—-would be straightened out immediately!—-Nope!! They tried—-but that one stays with me——-That one is my daily affirmation that “You never know—Act Accordingly!!”  So now—-I get as many of my guys up to their locations—regularly——Notify of detention—-and bill!!!  Please do not pay my guys—-It can get ugly!


$135 per hour—is the same as a truck driving 65 miles at a very low cost rate.  I can justify mine!!  Can any justify excessive detention times for loading and unloading; and then not pay— or try to get a discount!!!  Get the fuck on!!  “We grown folk around here–“-as I like to say!!!


I collect one way, or another!! My bills are all justified, and signed for with notation so there is not a question!!—Give me some bullshit—-I will send you a new bill with the new updated past due charges!!!  Now let us be very clear—–places that we  deliver —-typically, sell the products to outside buyers for profit—–net30—gives these companies, 4x the space, if not more!!–to unload, reload and then resell:  AGAIN!!  Prior to any needed funding to the Carrier…….for the first load inbound or out.   Do not call me with the bullshit!!  Pay your bills, it cost us more than the hour of detention that we charge!!!

A lot fail to understand—-due to the very nature of the customers we supply.  It is not hard for a Carrier to get say—a couple of dryVans from the customer, for the unpaid detention time!!  It has been done!! Got one that seems like that is how he unloads his older trailers—–we take a decent one to get it to the shop, Credit him the detention that is about equivalent to the value minus fees—and Carrier gets a trailer, Sometimes–We turn him down, more than none———but when I do he sends a Tchek immediately to cover his fees!

However, This is why Carriers—have basically took the stance, “They never pay unless we are lucky, why bother.”

Carriers I know of has Millions in Unpaid Detention fees:  MILLIONS!  They care less about those fees, and do not even bother collecting the fees, collections, and even trying!!!  It is sad, but the customer has repeated this for a multitude of years, with few of the Carriers seeking their due.  Just throw it to the side, do not worry about he time or the needs of that truck and driver much less the unproductive time for us!!

I have not billed for some of the detention time—-Shit happens——However, when it is sent, it is for a damn good reason!!!—30 minutes—shit the driver wastes that getting pulled out to leave!—

Now—What makes any customer think, that a judge will allow a customer—to not pay a bill due—if he has to go that far??  What makes anyone think that a FEDERAL Judge—INTERSTATE COMMERCE– will let a business not pay for the time and waste of resources, plus my travel—I like to travel well!!!  Just saying!—–Typically—most times we can work things out—however, there is always that one or two—–just say—-a few jockey trucks came—our way when the freight bills with detention—for 8 truckloads–shipped from a facility of customer—90 days prior—120 my ass was on the way up north to file in federal court, for payment- or asset seizure!  Customer was laughing, but the judge was very upset, he had to waste time for the whole bill–not paid—not detention only—–NOT A SINGLE DIME–on $45k total for 8 loads- plus  3 hours detention each—- 1 on the front and 2 on the delivery!   Took me another 90 days, but those two jockey trucks looked good–when we drove them down to secure a new local service contract —— $95 per hour, 16 hr days, 7 days a week—and two drivers that was begging to take the jobs!!  Well worth it !!!


So where does the Industry and the clients–go forward!——First, more Carriers, need to start demanding their detention for the drivers and Owners—-This would be a great start!  Then and only then, do we start working on the customer—The main thing being- They would back-charge us for anything that the Carrier cost the client, from damages to lost production in the facility—-Guarantees!! Gotta love them!  IF you charge the client—then even if you take and say—don’t worry about it—then that is on you—–My drivers, however, understand why the customer gets two hours free—-if you can not load the truck in 2 hours—that is 4 hours free time per load—my drivers and Carriers do not earn anything—-So I give everyone 2 hours on each side—–after that—-My guys are worth more than the $65 -85 per hour that is standard charges—–Each hour of unproduction can cost my guys  $2, $2.50, $2.85, $4.25 and on up per mile—-65 miles per hour—–minimum is $135 in production costs that the waiting for loading and unloading  of the product——–Not to mention–we rarely get extra time to deliver if they take 4 hours or more loading and unloading!!


Next, If the customer does not pay detention—-then do not pull his loads!  They owe money, getting more money:  Charged–does not help that old bill of owed funds unpaid——nor does it help anyone except that client!!– It costs the Carrier, the driver, plus———I can keep going!  If you do end up pulling for them, make them pay—-Or make sure they understand that the freight, can be liquidated to pay the past due amount!!——They understand real quick, when the Police —return and say—-you can not get that freight off that truck, until he gets to the delivery!! —Guess, that 1/4 mile up street parking spot—-gets the attention of people, when their customer finds out you owe the transporter money!!!  That is not me being a dick!!  That is me protecting the interest of my Carrier, Driver, and My Interest as well!!  Act a fool if you want!!!  I know who buys the product, before my drivers ever leave the load-out location——-

Now –With that being said—-

Driver Late?  No Detention!!  I give two shits–whether the loading or unloading takes over 12 hours!!  Do not be late!!

Need some extra time, don’t just take it, show some decency—-pick up the phone!!  Show us respect like you try to demand!

Do Not Bitch about fees, and what other carriers charge!!  If I’m charging I know what the guys produce hourly—it is only fair—-you should pay that rate of production——We are not other Carriers!!  They can short change their guys—–My Carriers Know better!!

Do not think you got over on one of my Carriers—My bills are sent to Accounting departments—Regularly—with phone calls, and emails!!  They hate hearing my loud ass, and want to get me paid—-I am a thorn—that sticks deep—Either pay the bill, or I will get my collection fees, and allowable charges!!

Trade–Why yes!!  My guys love equipment—Bonds, Cash, Comchek, Tchek, Stock, Gold, Silver, even real estate and Cars——Sure, we can trade:  however, I set the value!!  ‘Cause you are not going to take advantage of the kindness, thinking you got over—-!!!


Do not leave the guys out to dry–holding the bag for detention time!!  The Drivers are the ones that hurt the most from not being paid for their necessary time——-Protect the assets, that earn you the money—Collect those detention fees, at least the drivers will respect you for collecting when NOONE else would!!

Until Next time!!

Velvet night air, and floating gears!!


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