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This is their criteria– And I quote:.

Following the nomination process, CarriersEdge interviewed human resources representatives and executives from the companies, then graded the fleets in a variety of categories, including compensation, benefits, professional development opportunities and more. Driver feedback was also incorporated into the final score.


Like they say–Curiosity and all—–Driver Feedback random?  Carrier recommendation?    Notice how it says Driver Feedback was also incorporated into the final score……….That was left to placement—-That was the publisher saying —“Oh we cant leave out the Driver Feedback that was non-existent”…..That is what happened to Berkshire Hathaway and the Pilot Truckstop deal—-Just so happens —In-u-endo’s ……creep up  and fuck up a rather joyous occasion and profit—just cause that Deep Pocket Invested-  Better hope you didn’t catch that one with a hook, huh?!?

Fluff it—It works better—-“Fluffer!!”

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