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Directed toward NoName, based on envelope addressee: Do you write everything?   So Far, Yes —It is all written by me, except Lot Lizard Lisa.   She actually writes her’s as well.  I have opened this up to allow outside Content with Author Credits for work, however we do not wish it to be published elsewhere, so […]

Becoming a State Authorized Marijuana Transportation Provider

PER READER REQUEST- TO DISCUSS THE MARIJUANA TRANSPORT BUSINESS, AND HOW I WOULD SET UP A BUSINESS, IF I DECIDED THE MARKET WAS WERE I WANTED TO SET UP.  THIS MAY END UP MULTIPLE PARTS.     Due to federal law stating that Marijuana is still a controlled substance, and Federally Illegal–as well as a large […]

Reader Request-Marijuana Transport

This is a topic that is depending on where you are located—It is on a mainstream public responsive —-line of discussion and debate!!——– Reader Requested a full discussion of various locations with legalized marijuana—This will begin this series of topics concerning the legalization and the transportation business within this industry. Now Understand–States might have legalized […]


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