5 Smart Investments for a Driver and their future.

Every magazine, since I could read a descent one about finance and investment, claims to have the answers for every single situation that may arise for the future of each and every individual. Well, this article is not that. To be honest, I refuse to do that. However, what I will do is tell you […]

Why Warren Buffett made solid Investment, but…..

Warren Buffett recently made an investment in the Pilot truckstop chain.  While I believe that this was one of his soon to be top investments, even though the market is overpriced in general, he has the right idea but made the wrong investment in that sector. Where he went wrong, was investing in only the […]

Packing list for all new drivers, recommended things to always have available

Alright, you got your CDL, and your heading to your truck.  Get in, put in your bag, and check everything before cranking up to leave out.  This is what I recommend to have in my truck, before Pretrip, and Warm up, for every trip, always on standby. Rand McNally Road Map Trucker Edition Tool box, […]

Lumpers, Service Provider Spotlight

Service Providers are an essential to the trucking industry, in all forms.  A Lumper is a service provider, seen at multitude of locations.  They can be at Cold Storages, Warehouses, Grocery Distribution Centers to name just a few.  These service providers are typically, outside owned, contracted for a period of time, 1-5yrs, with the owner […]

Trucking company defined

What is a Trucking company?  Well just from basic knowledge we understand that it is a business, that services the transportation of goods or people.  However, let’s really understand what a Trucking Company actually is or can be……. 49CFR 390.5 The term “for-hire motor carrier” as defined in part 390 means a person/company engaged in […]

Automatic Transmissions

Automatic Transmissions are being used within the industry…. I am not a fan, and to me this Automatic, is not as efficient as the standards that typically are used for the trucks. Takes the fun out of the drive, for myself…. This does open up the job to those who, “can’t drive a stick,”.  Opening […]

Not your typical business

We smoke, We cuss,  and Everyone of us are drivers with more than 5 yrs under our belt, most average career length is 26yrs and we all have some fun doing our joy, note we don’t have JOB’S.  Building fast as we can move, then dragging owners in our direction. We do shit cause we […]

America would starve

I am a huge fan of Smokey and the Bandit, Glamorization of a former glory.  CB Radios were the latest technology and they gave all the ability to communicate amongst the professional drivers.  Brotherhood that is mostly heard, but never really seen unless intended. A lost civilization of loners who find their path traveling as […]