Deregulation Effects-Analyzing total out come

Before the FMCSA, was the organization called the ICC, or Interstate Commerce Commission.  They regulated the routes and decided who could purchase the rights to that specific lane of transport. The best story I have found is on Carriers couldn’t simply continue doing business as usual. They had to apply for rights —or authority—to carry […]

Federal Aviation Administration

Aviation—- Trucking—- Let me get this really clear………I have been around both………flight time started at age of 14……Have an Uncle … know…….. One thing I notice —– Surface Transport vs Aviation FAA Placed a Provision requiring contractors provide a duty free designated break  Examples of Breaks via 5 hour day vs a 10 hr day.  […]


Do I really need to say what has been a massive IMMEDIATE NEED, trucker’s are wanted now days?!?  From Headlines on WSJ, and LATimes, to the backyard and county registries, we all see the massive media attention, for the need for qualified operators in the Trucking Industry.  All this mass hysteria, is the drive and […]


According to Investapedia: A factor is a financial intermediary that purchases receivables from a company. A factor is essentially a funding source that agrees to pay the company the value of the invoice less a discount for commission and fees. The factor advances most of the invoiced amount to the company immediately and the balance upon receipt of funds from the invoiced party. […]

OOIDA — Says……

Well this past week, OOIDA has come out to say…… Young Drivers Proposal Law Change is>….   If you remember Correctly— I posted on this topic—   Hey OOIDA—–your a little late!

Ol’ Days Remembered

You know coming into this business as a young lad, I remember, dispatchers who hated computers.  They always had the Paper stack- Shuffle– and meticulous notes weekly- billing –pay- independent, the list goes on and on…. Stories about ordering phone books from the post office for specific metro areas, to making calls on a rotary […]

Women in the Industry–

Recently, if you are an email subscriber to our Hot Stacks, Blowing Smoke e-newsletter, I passed these two article links to you because of the importance within the news within the industry, and outside thoughts on this highly valuable content. Biz Journals–how we can attract women. The Trucker– Women stakeholders list issues   If you […]

Dynasty Day

March 8 is Dynasty Day—- Dynasty day is for everyone to have the opportunity to be a true DIVA just like Dynasty! JOIN US IN CELEBRATION, by wearing your Royal Crown Jewels TODAY!!! Princesses and Princes only—ALL DAY!!   March 8—time to shine and spread the Cheer—-Dynasty Day is Here Show your Dynasty what it […]

Dispatching Software—You paying attention??

Automatic payout- Deposits- Fleet maintenance LogBook Completion Yr Make Model Trailer Comdata/Tchek Integration Fuel Accounts Fleet separation for each one under management Notices to manager pertaining to the Driver necessities Integration with system network, and all have onboard tablets in the trucks Onboard printers and Internet for the guys Email integration for the drivers-  Direct […]

Trucking Agency -Operations

The “Skinny” Carrier Agents are the independents that operate, known as Terminals, or Dispatch offices. These are the people who contract with the Volume Carriers- These are Independent Owned- However contracted with the Carrier to represent the Carrier, Maintain the Agents fleet of trucks, and are contracted at a rate between 70-75% the Truck Owners […]

Articles of Interest

We value your opinions!  Tell us what you think and what is actually going to happen!   1.  Sun Shining on Trucking? Is the sun shining and I not catch it rising this morning, or is it that they see rates improving and say “OH Wonderful day!!”   Comment Below #1 before your comment to direct to […]

The Different Types of Trucking

We all understand that trucking is the heartbeat of any location in the world, due to the simplest of facts!  The simple fact that; no matter where a product or supply of needs/goods/equipment/food, ect. are needed; it all begins and ends with trucking in even the most simplest of forms.  Now, with that being said, […]

Steering Wheel Holder’s vs Actual Trucker’s

Anyone that has been around the Trucking business, for any short and dismal amount of time have heard some dumb fucking comment about “That Damn Steering Wheel Holder”, “Get that Steering Wheel Holder off the fucking Road”, “Here come’s Swift”, “Watch out for the constrution marker in the Slow……Never mind is Schneider!” , or seen […]

As Seen On Quora

Published in a Quora Digest issuing: The Question asked was, “What is it like to be a truck driver in America?” The Answer Given, Click Here!   Tell us what you think!  Comment Below and let us know whether you Agree or Disagree.  Be sure to share this and Spread the word to the Industry…. […]