So You want to build a Trucking Business

So you have considered all your variables, and you want to own a Carrier…….also called a trucking company? We Don’t Sugar coat shit around this place, so here is the reality! Lack of Sleep is guaranteed. NO CDL, NO PROBLEM Some customers will try to not pay you. Some drivers will try to break you […]

Breaking down a volume carrier

What is the difference of a volume carrier, vs a small fleet of—– say —–25 Truck with 37 Trailers.  I going to demystify this question for you in this article.  Just remember, every business is the same.  Just a matter of which bullshit you can deal with best.  They have the same functions mandated, a […]

OK, I’m Just Gonna Come out and say it–

I have sat here, perplexed at the amount of Coverage on the “March for Our Lives” public protest……For Instance, USAToday put out this story.  Taylor Swift thinks that the cause is so good she donated to a worthy cause of “Marching for Our Lives” which is to push Anti-Firearm Legislation, for those who have been […]

Mechanics, and reality of a real mechanic

I have been lucky to be graced with not one but two REAL Mechanics—true craftsmen of the field—Mechanics truly are the lifeblood, doctors if you will, of our mechanized industry…..they keep us moving when things break. They are rarer than you could imagine. I have been in Shops across this country–and even stopped someone from […]

Did You Know?!?!?

Did you know?   3 days is the average amount of food—In Most towns/cities—before running out of the supply— -everything travels by truck at least once, however, most travel 3x per product minimum.— -Class A CDL Operators—have some of the best driving–safety–operations–of any classification of driver.  (that means your insurance should cost you, at least, […]

Detention Fees, Common Practices, Least Paid of Invoiced Fees

Detention is that ugly “D” word—Everyone wants to be paid, tries to profit, yet is the least paid of all fees from the customer………Most just do not even bother……..Shit Don’t pay my detention—Interest, and late fees are a motherfucker when you just loaded a load on one of mine!!!  Bet that detention is paid one […]

Diesel, by product turned to valuable commodity

I know this may sound strange- however, not too long ago–diesel was the throw away by-product ……. They did not know what to do with the liquid—- How many of you remember the diesel costing less than a gallon of unleaded…..those old enough know about other forms of the fuel —-Leaded, Low Lead—Now the industry […]

Self-Insured what it means, what it is, and uses

Self-Insured What is it? According to Investopedia- Self Insure- Self-insure is a risk management technique in which a company or individual sets aside a pool of money to be used to remedy an unexpected loss. Theoretically, one can self-insure against any type of loss. In practice, however, most people choose to purchase insurance against potentially large, […]

Ponder me this!

All across the interweb, we are finding articles about these new services like Convoy, and Uber Freight.  Talking about how they are going to be taking the brokers out of the system, and replacing the “Brokers” with these systemic computer algorithems that revolutionize the computer, trucking, and technology sectors all while creating a more efficient […]

Let us NOT forget The Most Important!

The most important asset in the Trucking Industry, should be valued, honored, and not forgotten. The one that has kept America and the world strong, vibrant, and confident even in the worst and most trying of times within our history.   Most Important Asset   After Reading, Leave a Comment Below and Share to spread […]

9 ways of cheating drivers found from Carriers

Being around the business a while you will see all kinds of crazy shit that the carriers do to the drivers and owner operators.  While this tends to be common practice with most; or should I say many, the idea of honest business of yesteryear is showing signs of times past.  However, after realizing that […]

Straight from The Hill

People been telling me I’m fucking nuts, since this bullshit started…. Now “The Hill”, just positively confirmed what these rules will, and can do…..but hey, at least someone with a larger status, than this crazy driver, just gave notice to what could happen.  

Internet and the industry

I am certain you all see the effects and affects of the Internet to our industry.  Even though we are known to behind certain curves of innovation.  One thing is certain, the Internet is changing the industry in leaps and bounds. Qualcomm has been a pioneer of the truck tracking and electronic abilities of the […]

Why Warren Buffett made solid Investment, but…..

Warren Buffett recently made an investment in the Pilot truckstop chain.  While I believe that this was one of his soon to be top investments, even though the market is overpriced in general, he has the right idea but made the wrong investment in that sector. Where he went wrong, was investing in only the […]

Alligator on the shoulder-1

Operating safely in today’s driving environment takes time, patience, and knowledge.  Safe operation on the public roadways is a challenge all on its on. Even with all the challenges it is not impossible. The electronic log device mandate, with hours of service rules, the government is actually creating the shortage by the regulations that are […]

Driver’s and the actual realities of responsibilities

Responsibilities in the industry, are a mile long.  Insurances these days stop many driver’s from moving to ownership of small carriers due to the excessive costs of Operating as a independent.  Add in the additional cost for equipment, regulation, fuel, maintenance, plus many more, which causes wannabe owners, who could potentially add- positively -to the […]