Money, Investors, and the Trucking Industry

Of course this is one of those mornings where I have been writing this in my head since 5am—It is important and should be said to everyone involved and needing involvement of investors and money flow for a trucking industry business. This includes loans, investments–and the proverbial money within the industry or coming into the […]

My Idea for a Nationwide Banking Firm for Transportation

Strategically, I foresee a network of Banking both Online and Offline, located beside or at least close to Truck Stops; which could be utilized to assists with parking for the Bank, but also provide ATM services to our direct Alignments for the future development. Giving Safety of Banking to the Industry and Service needs of those who make our Industry the best in the world.

This has me a bit shocked…..

So this past week Mr Buffett, of Berkshire-Hathaway, took another stab at a transportation industry, investment play, see below: Mr. Buffett, with me, you batting 0 for 2…… First Pilot and now this!!! Here is why you should have sought better advisement:  Lyft is a much better ran organization, even though, I am not […]