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The fight of broker transparency in the trucking industry

There are two sides to this argument. The Carrier Side and the Broker side. With the mega carriers and dual licensees stuck right in the middle of the broker transparency argument. The reality is that both Carriers and Brokers both play a vital role in the industry, that in recent years has seen tremendous technological […]

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FMCSA, What they do, and what they are

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Their website states: As the lead federal government agency responsible for regulating and providing safety oversight of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs), FMCSA’s mission is to reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities involving large trucks and buses. FMCSA partners with industry, safety advocates, and state and local governments to keep our […]

Investors should pay attention to the Trucking Industry

Recently found on Trucking Business Investment Interview with Transport Topics With the recent influx on technology investment to bring the industry to the tech basin (see: Tech Crunch); More investors are interested and finding their way into this sector of demand and shipments.  They are understanding the basis but without the technical knowledge of […]

Happy New Year, for 2019!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful New Year Celebration and festivities. Remember for the New Year of 2019,  Set your Resolutions. Work everyday toward the resolutions that you set for yourself. Have a Great and Wonderful New Year that is full of growth, prosperity, and happiness.   May the road forever be forward and […]

Day of Aurora

October 8th, is the day of your Northern Light, shining bright for you to be guided–helping you keep your path true. For October 8th, let that Northern Light Shine bright like the Aurora Borealis shining bright during the dark winter nights, allowing the passage of all that need it….. Shine Bright My Northern Light!! Love […]

Covenant Landair Deal   6 months Net PCF roughly $45.5 MM If you look at the Power Units vs the Drivers, Tells me that 1621 power units with 2200 drivers, is a high team rate.  It also tells me that they are doing roughly 32% profit margins on the Gross.  However they probably have a large […]

LinkedIn — Post

This was posted by a CEO—–On “…………….. Let’s hope the industry can successfully work with legislators to expand the apprentice program to allow recent high school grads the ability to become interstate truck drivers. With proper emphasis on safety, this can be done. It will be a major fix to the systemic failure that […]

Pilot Trial and Some Self Reflection of Reality

I have discussed the Pilot Truckstop investment of Mr. Buffett:  Buffett’s Investment Now I would say that the Investment looks like it is turning itself inside out—-Sweep it under rug—-I figured it would have been better than this—-I still say another truckstop brand would have been a much better investment—–After reading the article below—I would even […]

Criteria—what did you say?!?

CCJ Digital This is their criteria– And I quote:. Following the nomination process, CarriersEdge interviewed human resources representatives and executives from the companies, then graded the fleets in a variety of categories, including compensation, benefits, professional development opportunities and more. Driver feedback was also incorporated into the final score.   Like they say–Curiosity and all—–Driver Feedback random?  […]

blame game of the media

Blame the trucking industry for higher costs to products!!! here comes the reason to move your price up to rake in higher profits for these guys — Why a new trucking regulation is driving up the cost of produce When you say hey you have to pay for what you get——no fucking wonder the […]

Economics of Trucking

The economics of this beloved industry is larger than most would even imagine.  These sheer thought and near apprehensiveness that covers over the glazed look that those “bigrigs” are necessary!  They move how much!!   However based on the onset of industry numbers found for the past few years-  Even finding myself—almost shocked and mesmerized […]

Ponder me this!

All across the interweb, we are finding articles about these new services like Convoy, and Uber Freight.  Talking about how they are going to be taking the brokers out of the system, and replacing the “Brokers” with these systemic computer algorithems that revolutionize the computer, trucking, and technology sectors all while creating a more efficient […]

As Seen On Quora

Published in a Quora Digest issuing: The Question asked was, “What is it like to be a truck driver in America?” The Answer Given, Click Here!   Tell us what you think!  Comment Below and let us know whether you Agree or Disagree.  Be sure to share this and Spread the word to the Industry…. […]